Nice bit of all-American advertising

Discussion in 'US' started by Mr_C_Hinecap, Jun 11, 2013.

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  1. Yea, seen Red Arrows, but think I'll stick to bitter and make a donation to HfH RBL etc.

  2. I like that, a minor cock up

  3. Shame it's advertising pish.
  4. Well, to be fair about it, thanks to Obozo-economics and the ongoing sequestration budget cuts, the Air Force and the Navy have grounded their demonstration flights - at least for the remainder of this fiscal year. ;-) They wouldn't have been available to film. It's all good though as most of the Joe Lunchbucket crowd who see this ad on TV probably don't even realize it's a clip of the Red Arrows team.

    Thanks old friend. :p Rule Britannia!

    British Lion.jpg
  5. Thank God I don't drink Budweiser. But thanks for the loan of the Arrows they performed splendidly (Time to write a strongly worded letter to Anheuser Busch)...
  6. Bud isn't too bad, but why does it come in baby sized cans?
  7. Ever since I left Europe I haven't been able to find a decent beer. Something in a pint or larger would be nice.