Nice bird

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cpl_ripper, Apr 22, 2005.

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  1. Well would you? or is she a 20 pinter


    For the record I'd bum her! :wink:
  2. Could you find her bum?

    Oh, wait.. there it is!.. It goes all the way down to her ankles...
  3. Ohhhh yes... 20 pints please then the thought would be a distant memory... Ripper... the folks here are horrified :lol:
  4. There's a certain charm about all those craggy folds of excess flesh. Rope up and follow me in...

    She could double as the center piece of this years' summer ball, I was looking for a novelty bouncy castle.
  5. I think she has nice eyes!!
  6. reminds me of poridge!?
  7. She does a nice line as a bouncy castle


    Spaniels ears anyone [​IMG]

  8. yummy, i love the taste of vomit in my throat! these women if they are, are fuc*ing honking! yet my friend next to me wants their numbers? it's a sick world nowadays!
  9. Are one of those the 15 year old that was mentioned on another thread? :D
  10. Question: Who sells lingerie that big?

    Ignorant in Texas (actually I'm ignorant everywhere)
  11. OMG they are absolutley shocking, i feel sick now
  12. Never fails to astound me that anyone could let themselves get to that state..and , what's worse, that there are others out there that like to oogle and drool over them like that...

    truly takes all kinds and makes for a mad, depraved world...

    now, if I could only find the site where they pour melted chocolate over -er -um - nevermind.. getting off - er -topic...
  13. Not on my worst or even best night...20 pints wouldn't do it. Maybe 40, then I would be dead, and I really could live it down.

    Just the mere thought makes me ill...
  14. I'd lick their bap jam for a bag of pork scratchings. :D
  15. Bap jam for a bag of pork scratchings is fcuk all. How many bags of cheesy moments for a ring dhobie??? 8O