nice arse

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by the_brown_bottle, Feb 4, 2006.

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  1. realtime forces sweetheart go to gallery/general military for forces sweetheart. she digged us sappers, but then only female.was delighted to meet the sapper section, who against the odds were so civil she wanted to stay with our gang for longer than alloted. didn't know we had crept up to take a phot of her arse.yeah i@ll burn in hell with the rest of our t-totallers
  2. looks a nice doris from the rear but who is it????
  3. I must concur, she has a wonderful arrse and a great body, lets hope the noat race is as good as the body or i will be highly disapointed.

  4. I've never bothered about looking at the mantlepiece when I've been pokin' the fire.
  5. Is English your first language?
  6. give hima a break fella he may be a brickie or a mud muppet!!
  7. What he's on about

    No wonder we left in 1920

    However 10/10, with a body like that I don't care what the face looks like
  8. Fair one, but it does save you having to chew your arm of the next morning to escape, is it Nell McAndrew???

  9. FFS yes I married a Leeds lass, Nell McAndrew where is she from, I'd love to give her one? :lol: :lol:
  10. Luckily for you she is also from Leeds.

    Nell McAndrew

  11. Yep, I knew.

    Doubt I could deal with another Leeds lass (have enough with the Mrs and 4 trainee physco Yorkshire wenches)
  12. Poor you, look out when they are older.

  13. My neighbour at home is in a similar situation. His line to prospective "suitors" is simple... " Son, There's 47,000 acres of forestry out there and I've got a shogun. They'll never find the body...."
  14. Yes, and keep all your old Army photos, you know the Regt one formed up with CO etc in the front, those and any old black and white ones, scares the young lads off a treat when your young uns tell prospective boy friends how you were in the Army shooting people 8O ( as my sprogs do)