Nice analysis of The British Soldier

Knew I'd seen it somewhere before.;wap2

And this was posted by Media ops? An MOD sponsored blog does a crap internet cut and paste job? What are the odds on the named Major being the one that was so mightily hacked off at Yon.

Awkward Melodramatic toss of the highest order. Get it off that Blog - NOW!

Edited to add you can find versions of it all over the internet.
Reads like one of those chad e-mail virals that are sent around every so often.
hackle said:
OldRedCap said:
Not bad, worth a read, although the source is one recently vilified on ARRSE.
Aye, it's worth a read, even if it is a bit mawkish. I wonder if your man wrote this as an answer to being slagged off by Mr Yon. A sort of a "I'm-not-really-like-that" response, since I can't remember any other "tributes" by him to the British squadddie before.

chocolate_frog said:
Reads like one of those chad e-mail virals that are sent around every so often.
It reads more like one of the "septic psyops ones" doing the rounds, but edited for the UK reader. However if it is showing support for the Boys and Girls it can't be all that bad can it?
pretty brave exercise in plagiarism from a media ops guy - aren't they supposed to be able to write? I suppose it may have some resonance for some in a naive and overly romantic way but I mostly don't recognise who he's talking about - perhaps soldiers have changed but I doubt it. It also doesn't have any echo at all from Army traditions that I can identify. The output of his forbears in previous conflicts have been humourous and light hearted; from the Wipers Times

Realizing Men must laugh,
Some Wise Man devised the Staff :
Dressed them up in little dabs
Of rich variegated tabs :
Taught them how to win the War
On A.F.Z. 354 :
Let them lead the Simple Life
Far from all our vulgar strife :
Nightly gave them downy beds
For their weary, aching heads :
Lest their relatives might grieve
Often, often gave them leave,
Decorations too, galore :
What on earth could man wish more?
Yet, alas, or so says Rumour,
He forgot a sense of Humour!
While in no way wishing to seem disrespectful, it does have an air of Dylan's "Universal Soldier" about it.

That said, I am with Gnome in that it demonstrates support for our people on the ground but I would like our media ops to write something original. They deserve it.
what a load of over sentimental cack

Media Ops, what a fcuking comedy act

Having a blog does not constitute an effective information warfare strategy

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