NI visit - any advice?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FARMBOY, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. Mrs Farmboy has never been to Ireland and wants to go so I'm currently putting an itinerary together of places to visit both in the Republic and NI.

    I know the full on troubles are over (or should I say for the moment) but I was wondering if there are areas that are to be avoided or out of bounds. I'm no longer serving so no dramas there/hiring car with NI plates etc. Not having served on Op Banner I have no knowledge of the ground. I'm probably being a bit paranoid but I just want to plan to avoid any issues in that regard.

    Security aside any recommendations of places to see in NI?


  2. the airpot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Just act like a normal visitor. Accents don't matter - there are people from all over the world wandering around. However avoid driving or walking in West Belfast etc - but you could do the "tour"! You could take you own car - English registration plates are everywhere.
    In NI lots of lovely scenery, Fermanagh, North Antrim (Giants Causeway etc), Mourne Mountains, and beaches all around the coast, formal gardens and forest parks galore. Golf links to die for (maybe the wrong word), Museums and Folk Parks, and lots of eating establishments.
    In ROI also lots of lovely scenery (Donegal and going southwards for example ), also Wicklow for scenery, Dublin for museums and some beautiful architecture, also good restaurants. The "fiddle-de-de" for the transatlantic tourists has died away somewhat (don't join in - it is not for "the English"), but otherwise enjoy the entertainment. In ROI expect to pay high(ish) prices for drinks - and ignore the proliferation of unoccupied houses in strange places. That is the result of the current economic situation and will not effect you.

    Enjoy yourself, find romantic places to stay (my compliments to your wife), remember its Sterling in NI, Euro's in ROI, and relax, you are in more danger in Brighton!
  4. Go to Father Ted's house.
  5. If you are not serving and weren't here on Op Banner, you shouldn't have any dramas with were you go. If your near Belfast you can get the tour bus that takes you up the Falls and down the Shankill, you can then say you've been on both ;-) The weather is shit at the minute round this neck of the woods but you've got to expect that. You can walk up Cavehill if that's what your into and on a good day you can see all of Belfast and further on out and if the eyesight is decent you can see Scotland. You can get the train from Belfast out to Bangor, more like a seaside town with ice-cream and all the sunny accessories..

    Hope you enjoy your visit, you might want to check out the visitors centre in Belfast facing City Hall, you'll se guys running around in red jackets, link up with one of them and you'll get sorted. That's if you decide to visit this shithole :-(

  6. Bushmills is worth the visit but the Guinness trip is absolute shit. Road signs in the south are interesting, they assume you are local so know the directions.
  7. If you enjoy mountain walks then give Slieve Donard or Slieve Bignian a look, weather permitting of course. Downpatrick is a nice region to visit as is Armagh city if you have historical interests.
    Not much in Belfast, average for shopping I suppose, take a Black Taxi tour, they will probably take you anywhere you want. Stick to the coastline, that is where most of the life and scenery is, but don't go into a bar in somewhere like Rostrevor, they don't want to know you.
    As for the Republic, hard to beat a slow trip down the west coast through Connemara, Galway and down into Kerry. Again the Magillicuddys Reeks are great mountains to walk in. Just take plenty of wet weather gear.
    Have a great trip.
  8. I would stick to the bus, you get a black taxi tour up the Falls and he'll start telling you of his own experience.
  9. Get yourself to Co Tyrone and Co Fermanagh. Some of the best countryside in NI. Enniskillen is a nice town (you can also visit the castle, there is a regimental museum located in it).
  10. Go and see the big hole that was the Titanic dry dock in Belfast, it won't take long but I think it's great history.... if only they'd do something like a proper visitor centre there
  11. Visit Londonderry, walk around the Walls, learn the story (modern and ancient), and marvel at the irony of the authorities when they built a block of flats just outside the walls at what was once "Masonic" Security Forces base. The building looks like - as it was meant to - a great big 1980's sangar!
    As someone said, a guided tour of the Bushmills Distillery (followed by the obligatory tasting), but only after you walk the Rope Bridge at Carrick-a-Rede. Ulster Folk and Transport Museum (Belfast) and The Ulster-American Folk Park (Omagh) for fun and history (great for children), Florencecourt and Mountstewart for gardens, a boat (or hire an island retreat!) on the lakes of the Erne.
  12. And be sure to mention your Grandad was a "Black and Tan"

  13. Well I was thinking of taking some of his old maps with me and asking the locals if they could strap themselves to the front of my car in a sort of homage to the fun free rides my Grandad gave them back in the 1920's - it's going to be the best holiday ever!

    BTW - Thanks for all the recommendations everyone - looking forward to Giant's Causeway and some bracing walks!
  14. Be sure to tell us all about it when (if?) you come back!