NI Urban Patrol Boots

Do any of our readers have a pair of these knocking around in the loft? Basically I'm after some decent images that can be used on the wiki.

Mwa! x
Circa what year? I have a set of Boot Public Order somewhere (prob in the shed) steely toes/padded tongue outside the boot/non slip/anti acid etc made by tuftrax i think. Are these what you are after?
That's the badgers! Soles made of plasticine. A good description will do: toecaps?, smooth or pimples?, number of holes?, sole style? etc.
Gotcha, never thought of these uns as Dancing Slippers! Know the ones you mean though. Never wore them too crowy! Have a trawl about through some old photos. DS used to wear them at St Pats.


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Argh, the original Addidas high leg sprinters; bloody great bit of kit I got from my Pa; best BFT time I ever did was wearing those
I had forgotten all about them. They were very popular compared to DMS and putties, but mine only lasted about 6 months or so.
As I recall they were a quite smooth grain without toe caps. We were issued with them on my second tour in Crossmaglen in 74/75. On the same tour, I gave mine to a mate who for some reason had mislaid his and I stagged on with DMS and black puttee's.
RGJbloke you're right. The Boots, Patrol, Urban, NI (or whatever they were called) didn't have toe caps. I did my NI experience in the very early eighties and was issued with a pair but as we were down in the same area as you mention we weren't allowed to wear them. The ground was considered too rough and wet. Best option for a wet, rural patrol was wellies but with puttees wrapped around your ankles inside them. Other than that, good old DMS !

Does anyone remember the GNATs; galoshers, non-attributable tread ?
Agreed, no toe caps, nicknamed by some as "Derry Welly's".
Thats what i was thinking yeah.

That them, old timers?
Nope, as other say, no toe caps, possibly smoother finish on the leather, I unremember the tread pattern thobut.
Designed to last about a tour.
Did they by any chance have a zig-zag type tread on the soles?

Synapse fires(probably wrongly)

Could well be, I seem to remember a pair of boots with that pattern, but then I've worn so many different boot types, its hard to remember.
Seem to recall they had a similar tread pattern to DMS but of a lighter sole construction. No toe-caps and lightly pimpled finish to leather. Made to last one tour which is about all they did.
Sounds about right, if they're the ones I'm thinking of. Tread lasted about 5 minutes but apart from that, excellent for running in, and hell of a lot better than BCH, IMHO.

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