NI Troop withdrwal plan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. During the next 12 months, the five remaining watchtowers in south Armagh will be demolished and the Army will also be withdrawn from most police stations where they still have a presence, including Crossmaglen.

    Mahon Road barracks in Portadown, a base for the security forces during the Drumcree standoffs, will be closed by January.

    Other significant bases being closed as part of the process include Bessbrook Mill in south Armagh.

    At present there are just over 9,000 troops in the province, but that will be reduced to no more than 5,000 by 1 August 2007.

    The number of sites where troops are stationed will be reduced to 14 from about 40 in the next year and more watchtowers will be demolished.
  2. Your point being?
  3. Just an update on how Labour will eventually move every squaddie out of the Province and think the PSNI will be able to handle it all when the shite hits the fan. Ohh but hang on, MI5 will be doing there policing bit so thats ok!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I think the s**t would of hit the fan before now.
  5. No. NI will still have a Regional Forces Bde in place once the current operation draws down. In addition to what will become 38 (Irish) Bde, elements of 19 Lt Bde woill be resident within the Province. As regards monitoring and intelligence gathering, a significant in-province presence will remain. As there currently is, there will remain the capability to reinforce the Province from the mainland should the need arise. As regards the political dimension, when a Service is short handed, is there any justification for retaining troops in an area in which there is no task?
  6. Thank f**k they shut Bessbrook! When I think of the years that I have spent in that part of the world, it makes me want to puke!
  7. has anyone actually seen a document or timetable with this info on t'internet?

    all i've seen is one report on the BBC news website.
  8. You won't see this info in the general public forum.
  9. Bessbrook = Arrsehole of the world!
  10. unless i'm very much mistaken, it was still there a couple of weeks ago... :?
  11. [quote="CRmeansCeilingReached"
    unless i'm very much mistaken, it was still there a couple of weeks ago... :?[/quote]

    Shame! Can't we arrange for the crabs or septics to use it as a live ground attack range? :lol: