NI Soldiers To Iraq?


Send Ulster Soldiers To Iraq, PM Told

By Ian Starrett

Monday 29th November 2004

Thousands of troops could be withdrawn from Northern Ireland and sent to Iraq within weeks, it emerged yesterday.

Prime Minister Tony Blair has been urged by military chiefs to redeploy the soldiers to Iraq to reinforce British Army units already there in the run-up to the scheduled January 30 elections in the troubled country.

There are presently 11,000 troops in Northern Ireland: the 39th Brigade is based in Belfast and the 8th Brigade at Ballykelly, Co Londonderry.

A Ministry of Defence source said yesterday: "Our soldiers there are broadly under-occupied and we continue, and will continue, to withdraw them because we would rather use them in other places such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

"This is not a contentious thing in Northern Ireland and we will continue the process until a state of normality is reached."

Mr Blair is coming under pressure to step up these moves from military chiefs who are claiming that the war against the IRA in Northern Ireland is over and the soldiers are now more needed elsewhere.

One senior MoD source said yesterday: "The indicators are that given 9/11 the IRA are not going to revert to terrorism.

"There is no popular support for that sort of activity either within Ireland and certainly not within America."

There were also indications yesterday that the moving of thousands of troops from Northern Ireland to the Iraqi front line could be accelerated if an historic deal is struck later this week between the DUP and Sinn Fein on IRA decommissioning and devolved government.
These are the four battalions of infantry that we no longer need as Ireland winds down - but we do in fact need them to meet current commitments. Or have I just failed to attend the senior officers "black is white" training course ?
I have been reaching Vomit stations these last couple of days with the prospect of Paisley becomming 'Leader' of the NI assembly.
Give the person his due he is an outstanding speaker one of the 'great' gobsh1ters of my day.
Just how much blood flows around his feet I cannot immagine.
Much as I would like to string up Adams and Mguiness the scafold would not be complete with Ian joining and giving us the Oly Trio, the three wise men of our day.
Oh and of course Dear Leader, no work from troops in NI, pack them off and give them a spot of sun and let them earn their money.
PS I do Hate the barstewards. all of the above.
Yes it would be fitting to see those three swinging from a rope, how much blood have they got on their slimy hands?
as horrible as it is.
having two leaders who are up two there necks in it maybe they can bring the whole tragic farce to an end?

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