NI ROH, Those that have no known cause of death (Non Terrorist)



Can all members have a look at this list and see if they have any info on the cause of death, they all died in NI in non terrorist incidents, cheers.

1. Thomas M Dornan UDR 18/03/1987 Unknown
2. Pte Peter H Johnston UDR 10/05/1987 Unknown
3. Pte Gary Moore UDR 19/08/1987 Unknown
4. Pte Charles E Moore UDR 21/08/1987 Unknown
5. Pte William J Ferguson UDR 06/09/1987 Unknown
6. Pte Keith Peck UDR 22/09/1987 Unknown
7. Sgt Thomas F Montgomery UDR 16/10/1987 Unknown
8. Pte Vaughan T Gates UDR 17/10/1987 Unknown
9. Pte Clive A M Craig UDR 05/11/1987 Unknown
10. Pte Ivan R Reid UDR 22/11/1987 Unknown
11. Pte NI ROH No Units, causes etc
12. Trooper James Doyle 17/21st Lancers 24/11/1970 Unknown at Omagh
13. CFn Andrew H Paton REME 26/05/1971 Not Known
Cpl Thomas J Addis UDR 02/12/1971 unknown
14. Fus Terence N Thomas Royal Regt Fusiliers 25/01/1972 Unknown
15. Pte Thomas J Moffett UDR 26/02/1972 Unknown
16. Pte George Curran UDR 12/03/1972 Unknown
17. Pte Donald V Kane UDR 04/04/1972 Unknown
18. Cpl Sidney R Hussey UDR 20/05/1972 Unknown
19. Wing Comm Peter G Cock RAF 29/06/1972 Unknown
20. Pte William R Wilkinson UDR 12/07/1972 Unknown
21. Maj Eric W Beaumont UDR 25/07/1972 Unknown
22. Pte Edmund A Simpson UDR 10/10/1972 unknown
23. Sgt William K Calderwood UDR 15/10/1972 unknown
24. Pte John T Todd Not Known 18/10/1972 unknown
L/cpl William J Smith UDR 03/01/1973 Unknown
25. Pte Johnstone Bradley UDR 23/01/1973 Unknown
26. Cpl David J Brown REME 17/03/1973 Unknown
27. Cpl Patrick P Davidson UDR 17/03/1973 Unknown
28. L/cpl Hugh Watton UDR 24/05/1973 Unknown
29. WO2 Peter H Lindsay Duke of Wellington Regt 28/08/1973 Unknown
30. Pte William G Magill UDR 19/09/1973 Unknown
31. L/cpl Thomas N Beattie UDR 04/11/1973 Unknown
32. S/Sgt John Smith UDR 17/02/1974 Unknown
33. Cpl Herbert A Covey Para 22/03/1974 Unknown
34. Sgt William Connor UDR 08/05/1974 Unknown
35. Pte Noel R Seeley UDR 26/06/1974 unknown
36. L/cpl Michael F Norris Royal Irish Rangers 27/07/1974 unknown
37. Pte Alexander Todd UDR 31/08/1974 unknown
38. Pte William J Bell UDR 21/10/1974 unknown
39. Pte Robert G Allen UDR 25/10/1974 Unknown
40. Tpr Donald R Davies Royal Scots Dragoon Guards 18/11/1974 Unknown
41. L/cpl Robert H Jeffrey UDR 25/11/1974 Unknown
42. Pte Bernard H Allen UDR 07/02/1975 Unkown
43. Pte John Curlett UDR 12/02/1975 Unknown
44. L/cpl Derek J Norwood REME 05/03/1975 Unknown
45. Cpl Thomas Hetherington UDR 19/04/1975 Unknown
46. Pte Matthew T Porter UDR 26/04/1975 Unknown
47. Pte Graham Hayes Pioneer Corps 02/05/1975 Unknown
48. WO1 John M Newton Royal Engineers 24/06/1975 Unknown
49. Pte Kevin Livingstone UDR 03/07/1975 Unknown
50. Gnr Anthony Jeal Royal Artillery 11/07/1975 Unknown
51. L/cpl Thomas McCaughey UDR 02/08/1975 Unknown
52. Pte David M McCarty UDR 12/10/1975 Unknown
53. Sgt Derek J Bassford Royal Corp Signals 24/10/1975 Unknown
54. Pte Alistair Hassan UDR 01/11/1975 Unknown
55. Pte Thomas A Turkington UDR 26/12/1975 Unknown
56. Pte Herbert Silcock UDR 03/01/1976 Unknown
57. Gdsm Paul B Simmonds Coldstream Guards 12/01/1976 Unknown
58. WO2 George M Johnson Royal Army Pay Corp 16/03/1976 Unknown
59. Pte John McCloskey UDR 12/04/1976 Unknown
60. Capt George Chambers UDR 14/04/1976 Unknown
61. Cpl Robert J McIlwaine UDR 03/05/1976 Unknown
62. L/cpl James A Pavis UDR 28/06/1976 Unknown
63. Maj Desmond H Johnston Unit Unknown 09/07/1976 Unknown
64. Sgt Gertrude M Cathcart UDR 21/07/1976 Unknown
65. Pte Cecil S Lee UDR 09/08/1976 Unknown
66. Sgt William Gillies UDR 05/09/1976 Unknown
67. Dvr Victor T Dormer RCT 01/10/1976 Unknown
68. Sgt John Gillies KOSB 06/10/1976 Unknown
69. Spr Gareth W Griffiths Royal Engineers 06/11/1976 Unknown
70. Spr David A Thompson Royal Engineers 13/01/1977 Unknown
71. Spr Michael J Larkin Royal Engineers 10/02/1977 Unknown
72. Cpl Harold W Stevens UDR 04/04/1977 Unknown
73. L/cpl Thomas C Cully UDR 10/06/1977 Unknown
74. Cpl Albert E J Dean Unit Unknown 10/07/1977 unknown
75. Cpl John A Haynes Royal Engineers 28/07/1977 unknown
76. Spr Stephen L Worth Royal Engineers 01/08/1977 Unknown
77. Pte Samuel D Magee UDR 20/11/1977 Unknown
78. Pte Samuel E Donald UDR 12/12/1977 Unknown
79. Pte David Cooper UDR 30/12/1977 Unknown
80. S/Sgt Robert J Galloway UDR 09/01/1978 Unknown
81. Cpl John Hillis UDR 13/02/1978 Unknown
82. Pte Robert Reid UDR 14/02/1978 Unknown
83. Pte George A Fleming UDR 23/02/1978 Unknown
84. L/cpl William Crawford UDR 15/03/1978 Unknown
85. Maj George W Milburn Royal Artillery 16/03/1978 unknown
86. Gnr Roger G Edwards Royal Artillery 02/07/1978 unknown
87. Pte Gary Hardy Light Infantry 16/08/1978 unknown
88. Pte Noel B Patterson UDR 02/09/1978 Unknown
89. Cpl James Andrews Royal Engineers 04/09/1978 unknown
90. Pte Arthur Langley UDR 05/12/1978 Unknown
91. L/cpl Thomas N Forde UDR 09/01/1979 unknown
92. Cpl William I Snaith Royal Military Police 25/01/1979 unknown
93. Pte Joseph Hogg UDR 01/03/1979 Unknown
94. Sgt Patrick J McMulkin UDR 09/03/1979 unknown
95. Sgt Thomas J Doak UDR 13/03/1979 Unknown
96. Pte Victor Wilson UDR 30/03/1979 Unknown
97. Pte Frank C Dougan Unit Unknown 04/06/1979 unknown
98. Rgr Robert J Quail Royal Irish Rangers 05/07/1979 unknown
99. Pte Geofrey Davis Army Catering Corp 18/07/1979 unknown
100. Maj Rhodri L Howell Royal Army Education Corps 19/07/1979 unknown
101. Pte Norman J Wysner UDR 01/08/1979 Unknown
102. Cpl Charles Lland Unit Unknown 03/08/1979 unknown
103. Lac Jack B Hawkins RAF 28/08/1979 Unknown
104. Sgt Joseph T Agnew UDR 15/09/1979 unknown
105. WO2 James Warnock UDR 15/09/1979 unknown
106. Pte Ernest Atkinson UDR 23/09/1979 unknown
107. Cpl Cecil S Roleston UDR 26/09/1979 unknown
Sgt Eric J B Simpson RAF 06/09/1979 unknown
108. Pte Mervyn Doherty UDR 14/10/1979 unknown
109. Cpl William G McCrossan UDR 29/10/1979 unknown
110. Pte Hilary Graham UDR 15/11/1979 Unknown
111. Sgt Nathaniel Campbell UDR 19/12/1979 unknown
112. S/Sgt Thomas J McCullough UDR 21/12/1979 unknown
113. Pte Robert J Davison UDR 29/12/1979 Unknown
114. L/cpl Malcom R Rodgers UDR 10/03/1980 Unknown
115. Pte Robert Burke UDR 13/03/1980 Unknown
116. Pte John Rafferty UDR 15/06/1980 unknown
117. Pte Thomas Davis UDR 19/07/1980 unknown
118. L/cpl Samuel J Graham UDR 21/08/1980 unknown
119. Pte Hubert McMaster UDR 10/09/1980 unknown
120. Pte Constance E Beattie UDR 25/09/1980 Unknown
121. L/cpl John J Murray UDR 20/10/1980 Unknown
122. L/cpl Paul J Holt Royal Corp Signals 03/11/1980 unknown
123. cpl Robert J Semple UDR 16/12/1980 Unknown
124. Pte William J Fisher UDR 15/02/1981 unknown
125. Sgt Charles McFarlane Unit Unknown 23/02/1981 unknown
126. Pte Nicholas E Lester UDR 07/03/1981 unknown
127. Dvr Ian M Macdonald RCT 08/03/1981 Unknown
128. Capt Lynda M Smith QARANC 22/04/1981 Unknown
129. Pte William B Jackson UDR 09/07/1981 Unknown
130. WO2 Emanuel O G A Marjotti Royal Engineers 22/08/1981 unknown
131. Pte Stanley A Fletcher UDR 17/10/1981 unknown
132. Dvr Paul Johns RCT 25/10/1981 Unknown
133. L/Cpl Raymond H Casson UDR 16/11/1981 unknown
134. Pte Samuel D Connor UDR 27/12/1981 unknown
135. Sgt William J Stanfield UDR 09/01/1982 Unknown
136. Pte William H Pickering UDR 15/01/1982 unknown
137. Pte William J A Murphy UDR 07/03/1982 unknown
138. L/Cpl Phillip C Harding REME 30/03/1982 Unknown
139. Pte John Potter UDR 06/05/1982 Unknown
140. Sgt William A McAtee UDR 12/06/1982 Unknown
141. Rgr Cecil Martin Royal Irish Rangers 14/07/1982 Unknown
142. Spr Nigel Monteith, Engineers 15/08/1982 Unknown
143. Pte Robert L W McNaul UDR 02/10/1982 Unknown
144. Pte Derek J George UDR 17/10/1982 Unknown
145. Pte Thomas Watterson UDR 07/11/1982 unknown
146. L/Cpl Norman McBride UDR 10/11/1982 Unknown
147. Gnr Stephen T Irwin Royal Artillery 25/01/1983 Unknown
148. Pte Stephen Creaney UDR 02/02/1983 unknown
149. Maj Ivan Allen UDR 03/02/1983 unknown
150. Pte John Burns UDR 06/05/1983 unknown
151. Pte Howard Freeburn UDR 01/06/1983 Unknown
152. Cpl Trevor D Campbell UDR 08/06/1983 Unknown
153. L/cpl Robert Wilson UDR 23/09/1983 Unknown
154. Pte Edmund G Banks UDR 27/10/1983 Unknown
155. S/Sgt Robert D J Reid UDR 14/11/1983 unknown
156. cpl Robert W Forde UDR 21/12/1983 Unknown
157. cpl Ronald Johnston UDR 03/02/1984 Unknown
158. WO2 Michael W Larner UDR 28/02/1984 unknown
159. S/Sgt Albert McAfee UDR 14/03/1984 Unknown
160. Pte Stephen P Randall Queens Regt 23/05/1984 unknown
161. Pte Andrew J Patterson UDR 26/05/1984 unknown
162. Capt John E Meadows RCT 08/08/1984 Unknown
163. Lt Andrew D Griffin UDR 31/08/1984 Unknown
164. Pte Robert H Kilpatrick UDR 03/09/1984 Unknown
165. Capt Janis M Cant Royal Army Medical Corp 08/11/1984 unknown
166. L/cpl John McCallion UDR 01/12/1984 Unknown
167. Pte Samuel (Simon) A Hunter UDR 29/05/1985 unknown
168. Pte William F Barr UDR 01/11/1985 unknown
169. Pte Andrew R Stinson UDR 27/11/1985 unknown
170. Pte Samuel Beatty UDR 03/12/1985 unknown
171. Pte Thomas W Leckey UDR 03/12/1985 unknown
172. Pte Desmond W Strain UDR 28/01/1986 Unknown
173. L/Cpl Norman M A Ferguson UDR 07/03/1986 Unknown
174. Capt Frederick West UDR 26/05/1986 Unknown
175. L/cpl Graham D Birdsall Prince of Wales own Regt Yorkshire 23/08/1986 unknown
176. Pte Robert A Cunningham UDR 23/08/1986 Unknown
177. W0 Thomas N Snoddy RAF 03/09/1986 unknown
178. Sgt John Peden Royal Irish Rangers 07/09/1986 unknown
179. Cpl Marcus D Charles-Williams Army Intelligence Corp 08/11/1986 unknown
180. Sgt Brian P McGrath Unit Unknown 25/11/1986 Unknown
181. Pte James A Cunningham UDR 26/11/1986 Unknown
182. 2Lt James C Ware UDR 15/12/1986 Unknown
Pte Kenneth R J Morrow UDR 05/01/1987 Unknown
183. Pte Derek J Fleming UDR 01/02/1987 Unknown
184. PteRobert McBurney UDR 03/12/1987 Unknown
185. Pte Ronald E Kelly UDR 31/12/1987 Unknown
186. Pte Samuel H Cairns UDR 25/01/1988 unknown
187. Bdr Paul F Cree Royal Artillery 05/02/1988 unknown
188. L/Cpl Barry Ian Jackson Intelligence Corp 16/02/1988 unknown
189. Pte William Cherry UDR 28/08/1988 unknown
190. Lt Joseph W Forsythe UDR 30/11/1988 unknown
191. Gdsm Steven J Shaw Coldstream Guards 21/01/1989 unknown
192. Pte Andrew J Cockwill Royal Hampshire Regt 17/05/1989 unknown
193. A/Cpl Julian M P Hart RAF 29/06/1989 Unknown
194. Cpl Trevor C Thompson UDR 21/07/1989 Unknown
195. Pte Mark A Mason Staffords 15/08/1989 unknown
196. Pte John C Jennings UDR 25/09/1989 Unknown
197. Pte Shawn Rodgers UDR 25/11/1989 Unknown
198. C/Sgt David C Lennon UDR 16/12/1989 Unknown
199. Pte Rodger Wallace UDR 12/03/1990 unknown
200. Sgt William J Johnston Royal Sigs 07/06/1990 unknown
201. Sgt Michael Cashmore Royal Engineers 01/07/1990 unknown
202. Cfn William A Parr REME 06/07/1990 unknown
203. Cpl Thomas H Adams UDR 16/07/1990 unknown
204. Pte Charles M Stewart UDR 12/08/1990 Unknown
205. Pte Adrian A White UDR 03/09/1990 Unknown
206. Pte Edward C Trimble UDR 18/09/1990 Unknown
207. Pte John D Fox UDR 24/12/1990 Unknown
208. Pte Mark Currans UDR 05/03/1991 unknown
209. Pte Arthur J Thomas UDR 03/04/1991 unknown
210. Pte Sandra Brown UDR 30/04/1991 unknown
211. Pte Robert H K Bell UDR 02/05/1991 Unknown
212. Sig William T Dryden Royal Corp Signals 07/08/1991 Unknown
Michael A P Heighton Royal Military Police 09/10/1991 Unknown cpl Ronald Graham UDR 10/10/1991 Unknown
213. Pte Albert T Millar UDR 08/12/1991 Unknown
214. L/cpl Cyril R McKay UDR 15/01/1992 Unknown
215. Cpl Leslie R J Loane UDR 12/05/1992 Unknown
216. Sig Jonathon L T Edmonds Royal Corp Signals 27/05/1992 unknown
217. F/Sgt Malcolm E Warnecke RAF 10/08/1992 Unknown
218. S/Sgt David A Mason AG Corps 12/08/1992 Unknown
219. L/Cpl Andrew Dowell RAOC 17/08/1992 Unknown
220. Sqn Ldr Robert J Burge RAF 16/10/1992 unknown
221. Pte Bryan Jones Royal Irish Regt 22/11/1992 Unknown
222. Rgr Donald A Adams Royal Irish Regt 19/12/1992 unknown
223. Pte Robert Newell Royal Irish Regt 05/05/1993 Unknown
224. Rgr Morris Irvine Royal Irish Regt 02/06/1993 Unknown
225. L/cpl William R Holland Royal Irish Regt 15/07/1993 Unknown
226. Maj James T Patton Royal Irish Regt 19/11/1993 Unknown
227. Cpl Terence Heffy Logistic Corp 07/12/1993 Unknown
228. Pte Matthew A Edwards Logistic Corp 29/12/1993 unknown
229. Cpl David H Watt Royal Irish Regt 17/03/1994 Unknown
230. Pte David Peat Worcester & Sherwood Foresters 24/07/1994 unknown
231. L/Cpl Mark Treherne Royal Logistic Corp 29/07/1994 unknown
232. Cpl Francis A Mulcahy RAF 08/09/1994 unknown
233. Sgt Andrew J Orr Royal Irish 14/09/1994 unknown
234. SAC Gordon C Baird RAF 08/04/1995 unknown
235. Capt John D Carson Poss Royal Irish 12/06/1995 unknown
236. Pte George C Ireland Black Watch 21/06/1995 unknown
237. L/cpl Paul F Parkin Princess Of Wales Royal Regt 08/10/1995 Unknown
238. Cpl Glen A Slaine AGC 03/11/1995 Unknown
239. S/Sgt Thomas R Rodgers Royal Irish Regt 14/11/1995 Unknown
240. Pte Paul G Shepherd Logistics Corp 25/12/1995 Unknown
241. Spr John W Robinson Royal Engineers 21/04/1996 Unknown
242. Cpl Robert G Anderson Royal Irish Regt 19/05/1996 unknown
243. Pte William Carne Prince of Wales own Regt Yorkshire 20/07/1996 Unknown
244. Gnr Paul D Kearney Royal Artillery 11/11/1996 unknown
245. Sgt John A Livingstone Royal Corp Signals 21/04/1998 unknown
246. Pte Francis J Robinson Royal Irish Regt 22/01/1999 unknown
247. L/cpl Anthony W Halton Queens Lancashire Regt 25/10/1999 Unknown
248. Cpl Ian J Bibby Sigs Corp 23/11/1999 Unknown
249. L/cpl Stephen D Gent Unit Unknown 22/01/2000 Unknown
250. Pte William H Bradshaw Royal Irish Regt 13/03/2000 unknown
251. Sgt Phillip G Clydesdale Royal Irish Regt 11/08/2000 unknown
252. Cpl Derek Stephenson RAF 08/12/2000 Unknown
253. Cpl Anthony Green Logistic Corp 25/01/2001 Unknown
254. Pte Peter T Wilkinson Logistic Corp 16/01/2001 Unknown
255. Rgr Paul R Cochrane Royal Irish Regt 30/07/2001 Unknown
256. Capt John Anderson Unit Unknown 03/11/2001 Unknown
257. Pte Trevor T J Milligan Royal Irish Regt 05/12/2001 Unknown
258. WO2 Michael C White Long Service List 13/12/2001 Unknown
259. Pte James M Winter Royal Irish Regt 13/01/2002 Unknown
260. L/cpl Mark Mitchell Royal Irish Regt 17/02/2002 unknown
261. Marine Nathan Ratcliffe Royal Marines 03/05/2002 unknown
262. Pte James M Hardman Royal Irish Regt 17/05/2002 unknown
263. L/cpl Andrew P Harvey POWORY 31/10/2002 unknown
264. L/cpl Matthew T Hughes Devon & Dorsets 07/12/2002 unknown
265. Pte Adrian R Connor Royal Irish 04/01/2003 unknown
266. Cpl Keith Lewis Green Howards 15/01/2003 unknown
267. Fus Phillip D White Royal Welch Fusiliers 22/03/2003 unknown
268. Gdsm Dean T Eddy Coldstream Guards 30/08/2003 unknown
269. L/cpl Caroline M Crawford Royal Irish Regt 04/11/2003 unknown
270. Cpl Stephen R Rea Royal Irish Regt 26/02/2004 unknown
271. Cpl Rory Milne RAF 03/04/2004 unknown
272. Sgt Allan Stevenson RMP 03/04/2004 unknown
273. Sgt John D Halls Sigs Corp 15/05/2004 unknown
274. Cpl Alexander M McNeill Royal Irish Regt (TA) 07/06/2004unknown
275. L/cpl Darren J Neill Royal Engineers 02/12/2004 unknown
276. WO1 Stephen B Gemmell AGC (RMP 09/03/2005 unknown
277. Pte Nathaniel L Laurent POWRROY 04/06/2006 unknown
278. Cpl Timothy E Bunting Royal Irish Regt (TA) 07/06/2006 unknown


^ Exactly!

And, more to the point, why do you want to know. A little introduction would be nice. Are you a Journo, Student, Personal Injury Lawyer etc? Do tell.
Walks like a journo, smells like a journo.............

Not many posts for such a long time member. Maybe you've just been looking?


Well I guess it is a way of "using ARRSE" though it would not be one of my "top tips".
Nr 11 is interesting

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There is a thread with a similar theme running called - 'Cpl David Thomas RAF Police died 29th September 1996 in Aldergrove', with somewhat more of an explanation on the initial thread than just a long list of names, May not be a journo, but we'll have to wait out for a more in depth explanation....
There is a thread with a similar theme running called - 'Cpl David Thomas RAF Police died 29th September 1996 in Aldergrove', with somewhat more of an explanation on the initial thread than just a long list of names, May not be a journo, but we'll have to wait out for a more in depth explanation....

You're right, there is the "Cpl David Thomas" thread which is asking a similar question, is posted by someone else and maybe, just maybe, has got nothing to do with this thread?
You're right, there is the "Cpl David Thomas" thread which is asking a similar question, is posted by someone else and maybe, just maybe, has got nothing to do with this thread?

Coincidence is just zoincidence only with a C...... and without the Z.

I hope this helps.

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If no 162 is the same E meadows who was formerly the EM who was WO11 26 sqn RCT ? It is well documented how he died. why? only he knew that.
strange how you want this information though?

Just shows the hit the UDR took in their short history.
Coincidence is just zoincidence only with a C...... and without the Z.

I hope this helps.

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I agree, but why make a seperate thread about one guy and another thread about 278 others?
On the other one it mentions that there are a group of NI Vets doing some research - I just assumed that maybe it was another in the group??
I agree, but why make a seperate thread about one guy and another thread about 278 others?

You agree with me? F*** I'm wasted! I literally mashed the keypad with my strong arm and words appeared on the screen.

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No one panic, but I think I'm Jesus.

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On the other one it mentions that there are a group of NI Vets doing some research - I just assumed that maybe it was another in the group??

I wanged it into google and it brought up a group who were tracking the names so they could log the burial sites and pay their respects.

I knew the sister of one of the above and I'm sure there was an inquery couldn;'t you just request the information from the MoD
you'll find many were RTAs, accidents and suicides...i've seen one of each on there just from the people i know or incidents i was involved in.

Brotherton Lad

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Who says the causes are unknown? In the particular case I know of, the reason was an un-diagnosed heart condition, as came out at the inquest.