NI put on critical terror alert

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by predatorplus, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. [align=center]Northern Ireland is on critical terror alert following three attacks in London and Glasgow in recent days. [/align]

  2. FFS, why us again?
  3. Are we supposed to be watching out for AQ style nutters, RIRA style nutters or loyalist style nutters?

    A load of blokes dressed in a fetching orange shade just went down my street hitting drums and blowing flutes... should I call the PSNI?
  4. They say we are still at threat from Al-Queda, well the RIRA and CIRA will always stay.
  5. Can't see the para-militaries letting Islamic terrorists get away with it on "their patch".
  6. Yeah, never any muslims where i am. I guess the local UVF and CIRA would put them out.
  7. Norn Iron is stretching it a bit!

  8. Your right, but i do have my views becuase would you think they would attack all British places? And Aldergrove is a target civvy wise, as it holds the gateway into main land Britiain, and also the daily sailings from Belfast to Scotland or Liverpool.
  9. Shaun Woodward - isn't this the pr*t that defected from the Tories? He's married to a hyper-heiress and is possibly the only Liarbour MP with a butler. I see he is still a pr*t. Mouthing off so that the Stalinist knows he's around.
  10. Yes i do believe so.
  11. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Beaten me to it, I can't imagine a sillier place where you are more likley to be 'made' than NI. I thought the object of suicide attacks was the attack part. Trying in Northern Ireland would just be simple suicide...

    (edited to add wasn't there rumour a while ago of 'paramiltaries' being accepted in to PSNI...the axiom 'it takes thief to catch a thief' springs to mind....)
  12. Because Allah loves you.
  13. Me either, but then again the paramilitarys dont run all the Country. I think anywere that is an easy target is vulnerable.
    Yes there is a growing muslim Community in NI a number of mosques popping up.
    Would RIRA or CIRA turn a blind eye if it was a british type target?
    I wonder were the idea of shaped charges and horizontal mortars etc come from in Iraq? Provos have used them for years to defeat armoured vehicles.
  14. The phrase "big girls blouse" comes to mind.

    Our leaders soiling themselves at the mere thought of some half barbecued beardy twonk trying to set off a can of camping gas with a zippo is just too humiliating. There are plenty of bored folk in the 6C who could teach these pathetic muppets how to make some decent ordinance.
  15. Because the last time i checked we were still part of Britain. We have a Regiment that served with distinction in both Iraq and Afghanistan several times.
    Most likely just a nationwide alert.