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Send settings, Over.

Then dial Clacton on Sea 814558 for further instructions.

In the days of yore (and your rotary phone there), the dialing mechanism essentially disconnected the line briefly, and the number of disconnects were counted at the exchange in a mechanical switch, which selected the outgoing line from the exchange. This is called "Loop Disconnect" dialing, sometimes pulse dialing. You can hear it clicking as you release the dial.

In later years, exchanges became more sophisticated, and push button phones came in, which emit audio tones when you press the digits. Dual Tone Multi Frequency, or DTMF, sends two short tones at the same time for each key press. These tones are detected at the exchange (I'm condensing a bit here, the green box street furniture can do that too), and the outgoing path set up accordingly. These digital exchanges supported both LD and DTMF dialing. At least the early couple of generations. The technological equivalent of Ptarmigan with Plessey's System X and Ericsson's System Y in BT service. Ptarmigan phones (subsets) were completely different in operation, but the core of the network was not dissimilar to System X.

BT re-did their infrastructure in the 00s, their "Twenty First Century Network" or 21CN plan, phasing out System X and Y exchanges, and whatever stragglers of their predecessors remained. I had been under the impression that BT's 21CN would discontinue support for LD phones, because to maintain it would have required more smarts in the network, just to support a very small number of subscribers with these phones. But as I say, I emigrated before they were deployed. It wouldn't surprise me if a significant number of old bats complained that their phones would not work and they didn't want to change them.

Thus my question - does the fooker work on a current BT/Openreach line or not? :)
I wonder was that the sort of phone the bird in @par avion 's dit in another thread was using when the chopper pilot upskirted her in a unique manner?
I remember it was one of the flat types in the 80s, in a secure box with a simplex code attached to the tree (to stop 'amused' soldiers pretending to be senior officers demanding helicopters). On second thoughts it might be that you could only receive calls on it - it was a long time ago!
Thus my question - does the fooker work on a current BT/Openreach line or not? :)
Thanks for your post.

Now I've woken up, I dunno whether it works or not. I must plug it in...

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