NI Pay and allowances

just wondering if anyone can shed some light on pay for NI with normalisation happening etc. etc. am posted there shortly and have heard a rumour that ni pay, allowances and medals are stopping in february 2006 ??? anyone got any info on this, much appreciated
NI pay and allowances will stay in force until the end of Op Banner which as been formally announced as 01/08/07.

But whos to say as we move closer to that date they stand down specific units from Op Banner (Although they perform the same function) and remove their link to NI pay.

Now they wouldnt do that surely? :roll:
Interesting point raised here...

Do the units that are rear based in GB but under command of GOC NI receive NI pay when they are out of NI?

I agree that when Op Banner ends on 01 Aug 07 then NI Pay will cease... or will it...?

Wonder how much that will save the treasury

There is no such payment as NI pay no more, what you get is NI Resident Supplement. RIB who are based in Ballykinler only receive LSSA if they are out of base for 10 days or more. However, because it is a pads army, married personnel will receive MUSA. Now there's a shock.

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