NI patrol Pack

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by LCPL_Bull, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. i am looking for an NI(Northern Ierland) patrol pack sometimes known as S'2000 patrol pack any suggestions/Reccomendations
  2. Buy an issued one, they are well made and from new will last for years!
  3. YAWN !!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Get one issued on your 1157 like everyone else?
  5. im a cadet no can do
  6. Then pop down your local surplus store and fork over some dough
  7. Work harder on the paper round to earn some sovs and buy one!
  8. Silvermans buddy.
  9. Yeah, forgot about The Outdoor mob. They are good.
  10. Really good for regs to buy from them, then exchange it. An Inf Bergen will cost you £15 sheets? how fu**ing cheap?
  11. Better than a patrol pack is the day sacks made by Wyvern. You can then zip on the side pouches from your bergen. Mind you. You have to carry that much sh1te nowerdays you might as well just use a bergen.
  12. A cadet you say? - Save your pennies and have a look for a Dutch day sac;


    There knocked out for about £15 in good order.

    Note; They will not take a full 24 pack of Stella in a oner but they do have two decent sized separators inside that will hold a 2 x 3 litre bottles of Strongbow nice and snug! :p
  13. does new and used for a decent price. Don't usde Britkit; their stuff tends to be cheap imitations, and you don't want counterfeit loadbearing kit.