NI patrol pack

Hi there,

I'm after the issue NI patrol pack, anyone know where i can source one from? preferably cheaply!

or maybe someones got one i can buy from them?



Kit Reviewer
I know a market stall that flogs them for 25 quid. Every Saturday nearish the Corn Exchange.

Haven't found anything cheaper.
I've got one of the Issue ones, excellent bit of kit, but I would recommend considering one of the ones with zips for the side-pouches.
They fit under a bergan lid better, and are more versatile.

Suppose it all depends on what you want it for, and how deep your pockets are!
condition is good, still solid no rips. zips,buckles and straps all excellent.just a bit dusty and its got my name and no on it ,also the drawstring type bags sawn to the top of the side pouches(hope you understand this) the material has a 1/2" tear on it. so two things wrong but it is still a cracking is a issued NI pack.any questions pm me mate

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