NI Parade Season: Peace in Our Time?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_baron, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. Not seen anything about the parades on national news, thought it may have been overlooked because of the event that will not be named (as I'm sick of hearing about it), so I did a little digging and came across these:

    BBC report

    The Belfast Telegraph's sister paper Sunday Life has this to report.

    It seems that there was no military presence.

    Will this mean that we've finally got to the position we all want? Or will we have to wait until the whole marching season has passed? Or even further ie post OP BANNER?
  2. There was, or i'm imagining being there.
  3. No news items to accompany the swathe of devestation caused by mindless sectarian violence?

    Oh, hang on, there wasn't any. Perhaps there's a correlation.....
  4. No this time everyone sat around a big table and actually talked. Amazing what a bit of direct communication can do!
  5. Uhhh.. I didn't think they did in the case of yesterday's march.
    A Parades Commision ruling surely?

    The "Tour Of The North" was settled by the respective communities talking this time though.

    It's all pretty cut & dried these days anyway, all the different plays have been tried and you can now lay good money on which parades will go through, which will not and what restrictions will be imposed.

    And to be frank, the decisions were arrived at based upon who rioted hardest when "their" noses were snubbed
  6. You know as well as i do it took more than just the parades commission ruling to keep like it was yesterday. There was a lot of top-table talking to keep it peaceful and amicable.

    To be honest i thought we were going to have a busy day/night..but it didn't pan out that way thanks to both sides playing the game like grownups.
  7. On the other hand Biscuits, if either side had really wanted trouble I'm sure some could have been manufactured.

    One swallow doesn't make a summer as they say, but it's a bit more positive than we expected.
  8. This was quite refreshing and even more so that the possible judicial review on the Parades Commission was thrown out.

    A compromise but at least no violence.