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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Trollage, Jun 6, 2011.

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  1. SAT 321 has a stock of Operators Ties:-

    Op Banner - Original red hand & felix pattern on green (goes with nothing) version.
    Op Helvetic - Same pattern red hand & felix on blue tie.

    Price £15 for those who qualify.

    Enquiries to the obvious.
  2. Re., the Op Banner ties; Silk or Polyester?
  3. Both versions of the tie are silk.
  4. Needless to say then, if someone doesn't wualify, you'll refuse to sell them anything?
  5. Mine goes pretty well with the tartan shirt and red suit I wear!!
  6. That's a strange question to ask Mike?

    What do you think people who have earned the right would think of selling it to any random?
    Why would anyone want wear something they did not qualify for?
    Wouldn't that be as bad as someone who wasn't an ATO claiming to be one?

    Is there more to your question Mike?
  7. Peter Dow walt.
  8. If it's an Operators Tie, should it not be VRC321 and not
  9. claiming to be a ATO went not, is mental who wants to pretend to be a ****
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  10. You are clearly not pretending!

    Another thread hijacked by a clown... clearly jealous!!!
  11. Not really, it's just that 'Price £15 for those who qualify' sounds a bit like those walty commemorative medal adverts, that's all.
  12. Believe me, its not walting!!!
  13. It definatley would "go with that"!!!

    Must admit, I did have to Google him!
  14. Over the years I have met a couple of people who wore the tie even though they had never been an AT/ATO (I do not include Lofty in this) and in one case had never even served in any of the UK armed forces. "Where did you get it from?" got the reply, "from 321 in recognition of ........ something and nothing". One guy was a non AT/ATO type on the staff of HQ321 and a right royal pain in the butt to all those trying to make an honest living saving the world by blowing things up. He once turned up at my base as I was responding to a call out. He pointed out to me that one of my vehicles had differing tyre tread patterns on the front and rear tyres and insisted that this was rectified asap. He was well thought of by those in the head shed and one took him to an incident and the No1 allowed him to press the Shrike's fire button. Thus it was decreed he qualified to wear the tie. I bet he was delighted but, after that, I never bothered applying for a tie. I do, however, have one that I took from around the neck of a drunken "cousin" who worked out of Aberdeen, Maryland USA. He had visited 321 and in recognition of this was given a tie. He was foolish enough to tell me this in a bar on the other side of the world. I suggested that maybe he should not get it soaked in local beer and offered to take it off and put it in his put it in his pocket "just in case". Unfortunately I was so drunk that I put in my own pocket by mistake. I must add that he was wearing a tartan shirt and a pale green suit and the tie set this off nicely