Discussion in 'Gunners' started by moman, Jan 20, 2007.

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  1. HI lads need help i have a mate ex N BTY 2nd fd 3rd RHA well he had his NI medal nicked while serving with 3rd and i would like to try and track it down and return it to him or get a replacement (would like the original) he was a L/BDR some might know him as big ED or eddy so all help would be appreciated MO
  2. Getting the original back could be a problem, unless the thief has a change of heart. BTW had a part-time mate of mine who has a stall at Nutts Corner (NI), had some twat try and sell my stolen one, GIT! :frustrated: Unfortunately did not recognise the name until later and did not buy it :cry:
  3. if only the bad lad was reading this
  4. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Mo mine was nicked from Munster I got a replacement from one of the regular medal shops, it was delivered with my number and details etc on it. BTW whats Eddy doing now, I remember he turned up in Canada with a pierced nipple, at the end of the day the nipple was about 2 inches long after the guys finished pulling the ring :headbang:
  5. Hi Spanish i will try and get him one, he is now married with two kids and living on the east coast near me he is working at one of the military establishments around here all i will say is red and white goes up and down. He is about to set up a little business which involves killing beasties.
  6. Plenty of old Gunners on here = Nivets
  7. My dad (ex 16 air defence) got his nicked whilst he was in germany. I got a replacement one for him from Was about £45 including engraving and delivery. Court mounting is a bit extra, and you have to buy a pin to attach it with.

  8. If you can prove it was nicked (ie get a crime report number) MOD will replace it free of charge
  9. I dont know if he has a crime number as this happened about 8-9 years ago. We were talking about the tour the other night and i just thought i would ask a few questions to see if i could get him a replacement.
  10. I lost both my ni and gulf1 my girlfriend replaced them from a web site she found shes a good lass I thought it was a nice thought

    mo I was upstairs from you at jlrra

    Individual Responsibility. Once the insignia of an Order, Decoration or Medal has been issued to the entitled recipient he becomes personally responsible for its safe custody at all times. For serving personnel, any Decoration or Medal, which they are entitled to hold, is part of their uniform and is to be readily available to be worn at short notice. Personnel in transit on posting are to carry any Decoration or Medal issued to them in their accompanied baggage.

    Insignia are not to be sent with unaccompanied baggage nor are they to be left ‘at home’ when the individual proceeds on a normal unaccompanied posting. Individuals proceeding on an operational posting, however, are to leave their Medals at their ‘home barracks’ secured under Regimental arrangements. (See QR(Army) para 5.414).

    Medals lost from unaccompanied baggage are not replaced at public expense nor, normally, are those lost by theft from a barrack room, married accommodation or from a vehicle.
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