"NI kicking off again" again.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by predatorplus, Feb 6, 2008.

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  1. Dissident republicans are inept but dangerous, Northern Ireland's chief constable has said.


    Sir Hugh said dissident republican groups had failed "to mount anything that's even close to being sustained".

    "When you're a small cornered animal going in one direction, when Northern Ireland and indeed the universe is going in another, you lash out," he said.

    "What we are seeing is a group of disorganised but dangerous people lashing out - that's why we're concerned."
  2. I know that Sir Hugh knows his stuff, but I am not at all convinced that we will see any kind of return to the "good old days"
  3. They would be still behind bars if it wasn't for the bliar govt.
  4. I can just see the headline in An Phoblacht: splitters in muppet terrorism shock.

  5. The main players are well known

    Most of them are still out on licence from the good friday agreement

    if they are consorting with terrorists- surely thats a breach of teh licence

    why not revoke the licence and put them back behind bars

    oh nearly forgot

    the murdering scumbag criminal gnagsters
  6. They would have to be mad to launch an armed campaign at this time. They would get none of the world's sympathy or support now, and could be dealt with in a very harsh manner. Far better to pursue a political course. May take longer to get your way, but it will happen.
  7. They can't put them back behind bars, thats an infringement of their human rights.
    Like any of them can be classed as human beings. duh :x
  8. The Green Book's 32 County socialist Ireland was at no point in the 20th century remotely realistic. Chucky romantic sacrifice for holy motherland is not grounded in utilitarian motives any more than what the Taliban in Afghanistan aspire to.
  9. Now call me cynical BUT The nutters are still out there, WE let them out under the Good Friday agreement and lets say if AQ wanted to cause the Army to be even more over deployed, what better way than giving these bloody lunatics funds to do it with!

    Even the threat would cause the Mod (Suits) to rethink some of their deployments and keep SOMEONE in reserve just in case!

    With the threat of the Balkans as well, GOD WE could be well screwed.

    Conscription - Conscription - Conscription! :wink:
  10. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Provos quietly "off" a few of these guys, pour encorager les autres.
  11. Nothing unrealistic about a united Ireland, and I am sure it will happen one day - just that it won't be socialist and it won't be as soon as some want it. Do you really think Sinn Fein has given up on this? It has not.

    I do not care at this point. My home is my home and would be whether Ireland is one or no. And UK would be better without the albatross of the six round it.
  12. How's the weather in cloud-cuckoo land Kev?

    The Republic doesn't want us. (just our footballers)
  13. Not in cuckoo land. Am aware of how some in ROI view us - yea, like an albatross also. But that doesn't mean it will not happen eventually, as Brit influence fades and Catholic population in the six rises. What do you think this SF infiltration of the power structures in the North and the destruction of Prod neighbourhoods and cultures is about?
  14. They are hardly launching their armed campaign. CIRA have existed since 1986 and have been launching attacks since 1994. RIRA have been active since 1996.

    Their operational tempo is nowhere near as high as PIRAs was but there has been a constant trickle of attacks. Very few of them are that succesful but the same could be said of PIRA only they launched many more attacks and therefore had more succesful ones.

    They will eventually wither away due to the fact that have been consistently unable to gain support within the Nationalist community but I believe that will take many years yet.
  15. There have been some interesting studies on this in the past few years and the general concensus is that birth rates have roughly evened out and if emmigration rates remain the same there won't actually ever be a Catholic majority. Add to that the fact that there are still a lot of Catholics who wouldn't vote for a united Ireland in the North and I don't think I'll be applying for an ROI passport anytime soon.