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Meant to bring this up before but it slipped my mind, the mention of graffitti on the Danny Nightingale reminded me.

This:- “Remember the La Mon bombing. 13 Protestants killed. For what??? Sinn Fein Vote!”

Has been appearing on walls all over NI, and I mean all over anywhere with a vaguely prot. demographic. Exactly the same wording and punctuation.

Now I sort of get the gist, even though it makes no actual sense. But as it's obviously orchestrated, any offers for who?

Equally, any good reason why it's so leftfield?
I suppose they see the spray can being mightier than the sword, its coordinated so imagine some group will put their head above the parapet. unless it is NIs answer to Banksy.
Y'see I could see through "Remember the LaMon bombing, 13 protestants killed by SF/IRA scum!!"

That makes sense, in English and carries an obvious, directly sectarian message. The actual wording though is, odd to say the least.

I note mention of Banksy and, y'know, have you ever actually been to an art college grad's exhibition?
I wouldn't be surprised!
It's turning into one of those NI conspiracy jobs. A recent newspaper article claimed two of those involved in planting the bomb were MI5 touts. Others have claimed a certain Mr Adams was involved in some way.
Perhaps whoever is writing the grafitti is as confused as we are.
It was one of Adams jobs...

Adams accused over hotel bomb | UK news | The Guardian

The victims were found beneath a pile of hot ash and charred beyond recognition,[SUP][8][/SUP] making identity extremely difficult as all their individual human features had been completely burned away.[SUP][3][/SUP][SUP][10][/SUP] Some of the bodies had shrunk so much in the intense heat, it was first believed that there were children among the victims. One doctor who saw the remains described them as being like "charred logs of wood".[SUP][8][/SUP] According to a published account by retired RUC Detective Superintendent Kevin Sheehy, this type of device had already been used by the IRA in more than one hundred attacks on commercial buildings before the La Mon attack.[SUP][11][/SUP]
Nasty feckers..........


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I got the impression it was a reminder that the party of peace, shared future and moving on used to have a military wing which killed civilians.
They got badly caught out on the anniversary of bloody Friday when people wanted to know what the economic and military value of that day was.
Not one shinner could be had for interview, even Danny Morrison kept his head down

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I would say the chief suspects would be the PUP/UVF and their fellow travellers. They were certainly behind the mass outbreak of spraying Proactively Supporting Nationalist Interests over everything in Loyalist areas after Whiterock in 2005.

As for why my best guess would be that they think people are beginning to forget who the Shinners really are and wanted to remind them. Maybe there are some of the Loyalist 'Community Activists' about to face some serious drugs charges and they want the attention back on what nasty people the Shinners are.

It hasn't appeared in Omagh yet but stand by for me resurrecting this thread in 6 months to say it has finally reached this far into the wilderness.


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I suppose they see the spray can being mightier than the sword, its coordinated so imagine some group will put their head above the parapet. unless it is NIs answer to Banksy.
Evidently an "aerosol and ballot box" strategy.


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Swede walks into a Stockholm pharmacy.

"I'd like deodorant please."

"Certainly, sir. Ball or aerosol?"

"It's for my armpits."
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