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I know "The War" is over ,and were all mates now ,but i cant believe MOD are letting the troops travel round the province in uniform in civie moters ,I say this as i was passed by two Navy bods in a shogun on the M1 out side Belfast.They were both in shirt sleave order with head dress on the dash 8O , if this was a pool moter it has now been compromised and any one driving it is now at risk(RIRA CIRA Ect: ).And if its a personall moter i hope his missus checks it before doing the school run :?
If this is true, its a bloody disgrace. The different variants of IRA are still targeting. Should have taken their VRN and bubbled them mate, to save the lives of others that may have to drive that veh.
Poss VR or Cadets?

Not that it isn't still damnable, but seeing such in uniform on occasion wasn't unusual even in the bad old days.
are you sure it was not on mil plates? there are a large number of vehicles that are civilian used as white fleet with mil plates now. next question - are you sure they are navy. i have seen psni traffic branch in shogun etc . the psni have some interesting civi fleet n the road and the different units have a variety of dress.
I'm sorry I appear to be a little confused.......old as I am..................

We allow ourselves to travel in Civvy vehs in uniform............and then set about giving them a certain dstintion? :? :? 8)

We have got all the shit haven't we 8O 8O
not quite sure what you mean LWM, there are lots of "white fleet" mil and psni vehs on the road, many with mil plates. they look like civ vehs as far as mingling with traffic goes, only when you are up close can you id the occupants or read the plate. or am i missing your point?
It is still an offence to wear uniform in soft skin vehicles or off duty these people were possibly cadets for the main reason I dont know of any Navy lads over here at the min
it is not an offence to drive in uniform if the type of vehicles i am describing because that is their op role. for example the vip and their escort vehicles are this type and you will find that they are fully tooled up for the job, and dressed according to the task. they might be on mil plates or civ plates depending on the type of run. there are lots of similar roles and have been for many years in NI. similar dress codes apply to police vehs. there are tri service reps still in NI and a few other agencies i think!!

that was why i sought the original clarification as the story merely described what seemed to be a "normal" occurance in NI. it might seem abnormal if you were not used to that type of transport/dress rules. it is definately not standard green army but it is by no means unusual.
The Shogun was on civ plates ,the two bods were a little long in the tooth to be cadets 8O ,
As for being on an "op role" why use a "civilianised" veh in uniform ,wouldn't a track suit top or a fleece be less noticable?
And as ive lived over here for the last 11 years, and as i also drive a truck around this emerald isle ,i dont believe driving 'Q" cars in uniform is the norm :?
None of my business, but maybe enough has now been said on this one. If you see the vehicle again, you can get the details and raise the question through channels.
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