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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Irish_Gunner, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. Was just wondering if anyone remembers a documentary that was on BBC in about the mid 90's whcih followed a new Pltn Cmdr on his first tour of South Armagh. If I remember correctly he was a Guards subbie.
    Does anyone know the title of this programme and if it can be found on the web?
  2. Jeepers I remember it and met him in Bessbrook Mill a few times. Nice guy his JNCOs & SNCOs looked after him. He considered either the Church or the Military. Not a sharp Cookie who let his batteries runout and got lost a few times & not red hot on map reading. My Grandparents used to leave out aThermos flasks for him in South Armagh and our own.
  3. Was it called "All The Queens Men" or something along those lines, if it's what I was thinking of,it was about The Welsh Guards in Fermanagh. I've seen the Company Commander on tv a few times since,doing the military expert thing on Sky News,etc. The subby came across as a bit of a rocket though.
  4. Wasn't it called "The Rookie"? About a new Pl Comd.

    The only scene I can remember is when he picks up Guardsman "90" for the state of his combat jacket. Is that the one?
  5. is that the one by Molly Dineen (who then married the chap she was filming)?
    His name was Crispin or something like that as I recall.......
  6. I remember one scene in RUC Rosslea when she was talking to the guys outside in the yard, and a few of the chaps were in a small group getting just a wee bit over exited. Enter the Company comander from the station, going absolutely f ucking bannanas.
    What a beamer.

    Also, as they were based in Ballykelly (?) on a 2 year tour, it showed them out on the lash in Bangor.
    I mind trying to convince my girlfiend at the time that I never got to go on the p iss on 6 month tours.
  7. It was called "In the Company of Men" and followed The Prince of Wales Company in S Armagh, interviews by Molly Dineen. I think the Coy Comd was Crispin Black, seen more recently as a military comentator on TV.
  8. Right enough,but it was County Fermangh,not South Armagh.
  9. Like a man in orthopedic shoes, I stand corrected!
  10. Like a man stood in a puddle of poo, I stand confused. Where did the answer go??? 15 options for title, location, subject and no definitive answer! :?
  11. On second thoughts,they may of been down to South Armagh as well come to think of it. Were they not doing a reinforcement role,getting tasked al over the Province?
  12. The programme that sprung to mind was I think earlier, perhaps during the early 80s? A documentary by Ian Woolridge following the Grenadier Guards in South Armagh. He did a companion programme about the trooping of the colour.


  14. Hardly a Subbie in the mid 90s if its Crispin Black:

    If he was a subbie in the mid 90s he must have had a really slow start and then put his foot down to retire in 2002 as a Lt Col.
  15. He was the Company Commander not the young subbie