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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by wommit, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. I have just received a letter from Gordons thieving fatherlesses, sorry HM R&C.

    They informed me that I have paid forty years worth of NI contributions toward my basic state pension. And, they add, I need to have paid the full thirty years to qualify for the full pension.

    It seems, according to their records, that there is a gap in my payments for the year 07/08. Would I like to pay £405:60 to make up this deficit?

    Is it just me or are there just so may things wrong with this letter?

    1) If I have paid ten years more than the minimum do I get an extra 33%? Didn't think so.

    2) Would I like to pay Gordon over £400 just because he's pissed billions away on failing banks and he now needs every penny he can get. Errr... Hard one that. No, on consideration, I wouldn't like to pay. try getting your money back fromt he banks, they're the one's you gave it too.

    Oh, lastly I was working full time during the whole of that year and have my payslips showing that I had Tax & NI taken from my salary.
  2. Well give them a call, submit them as evidence, and all should be ok.

    What the fcuk is wrong with ARRSE nowadays???!?!!? It's like whinge FM.

    Wahwhahwahwhahwah :(

    Man the fcuk up.
  3. If you can show from your payslips that your employer collected the NI, then show them to HMRC. It is probable that your employer has not paid over the required amount to HMRC or there is a clerical error in Newcastle. You might tell your pay office/clerk that something has gone wrong! The NI calculations are horrendously complex and maybe something has gone wrong there.

    From next April, the number of years required for a full pension falls to 30 but you still have to pay NI contributions whilst you are working, even though you may have fully qualified.