NI car insurance

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mission, Jun 4, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know a good company to go wiht that covers NI cheers peeps
  2. It doesn't really matter what insurance company you go with they are all expensive because of all the car theft in NI!! If you are posted there then get a quote for central London as well as NI and your unit will refund the difference so you only pay London rates.

    Moral of the story- find the cheapest London rate!!! Phew got there.
  3. Hell do as I did, get cover from your Ma & Pa's address and if you have an accident "your only visiting a friend". - Worked for me and saved a packet.
  4. There is a company called Quinn Direct, look in the Yellow Pages but they are based in Enniskillen & Southern Ireland but they usually do cheaper insurance than what most places will quote, or just get it registered to an address outside NI.
  5. As previously stated the Army will pay the difference for your car insurance just ask at the pay office
  6. the problem i have with gettin the army to pay is that i live in a little village in cumbria where it is a hell of alot cheaper to insure than central London, thus i'm thinkin it'd be cheaper to register it here and pay for my own insurance that covers NI, well thats kinda the plan anyway, cheers for the help tho lads :D
  7. Its got nothing to do with car thieft, its a little about the "troubles", feck I hate that word (we were at war), and a lot to do with logistics. The reason most mainland insurance companies dont do Northern Ireland is because they would have to set up offices over there and get links into accident investigators/actuarials.

    You could up your insurance to Business Class 1 (not 2 or 3), which usually costs next to nothing and this would allow you to take you car NI fully insured and not fudging anything. Lets face it insurance companies look for any reason not to pay out, so best not to give them one.
  8. What do you mean nothing to do with theft? It is everything to do with theft; even in remotely quieter parts like Lisburn there are car jackings every week, cars getting broke into, and cars getting stolen then taken to some dodgy areas. The "troubles" as you put it have practically no bearing on cars unless you live in some parts of Belfast.

    When the people in NI stop pretending (or ignoring) there is no crime and do something about it then the country will be even nicer to live in.
  9. Wah? How is it the people of Northern Ireland ignoring crime? It's the job of the police to stop crime, not your average Joe Public, something the PSNI have yet to get into their heads.
  10. Are you trying to tell me there is no car theft in small areas of England, Scotland or Wales?

    Its a statistical fact that there was less "non troubles" crime in Northern Ireland than in England, Scotland or Wales, the only benefit of the troubles was the fear of knee capping!

    I know there is crime in Northern Ireland and I have seen it grow since the ceasefires, but my point was that the increase in insurance (compared to the mainland) was not due to an increase in car theft (compared to the mainland). Car theft factors into the insurance cost, but I would argue no more than it does on the mainland.

    BTW, is Lisburn the only place you have heard of outside the areas always in the news......

    When was the last time you did something about crime where you live.....

  11. Have you ever even lived here? Six month tour doesnt count...
  12. Some people will always give their firm opinion even though it is based on no experience sometimes :)

    There are companies in NI that give good rates. Google "Car insurance in Northern Ireland" for a start.
  13. Back to topic - Hughes offer a very good rate for drivers in Northern Ireland.
  14. I'm not going to give companies that offer cheaper insurance rates, however, I will clear up one point,the reason English insurance companies will not insure NI drivers is that insurance claims are set by juries over here, so give them a sob story and whoever is in the car gets thousands