NI Car Insurance Refund

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by darkknight, Jul 23, 2005.

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  1. I know there is a system in place where you can get a refund for the difference between NI car insurance and UK car insurance. I know the address is in London but I am not sure where. Can someone tell me the postcode that is used please?
  2. You should be able just to go to the pay office and fill out a form, don't know what post code ara it is they use but it's central London
  3. SW1 if my memory serves me right thats Victoria
  4. Check your PM for details. Any questions, feel free to PM.

  5. The difference between NI car insurance and UK car insurance?

    Northern Ireland is in the UK, I think you mean GB.
  6. Whatever.
  7. Many thanks GR :)
  8. Whatever? Good luck on your tour, I am sure Northern Ireland is lucky to have someone with your deep level of knowledge and understanding of the situation there to help out, knob.
  9. Out of interest, why is it that the rate of difference is SW1 London? Shouldnt you be able to claim to, say, your hometown or on a representative rate for the rest of the UK. I know its being picky, but central London isnt exactly the cheapest place for car insurance, and if i was still living in imbreds ville, essex it would be alot cheaper.

    But then i suppose that would cost more, and actually be fair. Never mind.

  10. I have been over here for about 5 years on and off over the last 10, and have seen the province at its best and worst. Funnily enough the people I work and socialise with here much prefer it if I do not refer to the mainland as 'Britain', as they probably feel more British than I do. Perhaps I should have said mainland in my message, granted, but I'm the one who is stationed here and will say what I like. Please do not be under the gross misapprehension that you have the right to pass judgment on me in any way.
  11. Hit the nail on the head there Boney, I come from a rural area in the middle of East Anglia, so the Powers That Be would have to refund me about 80% of what I pay now. I am sure SW London will keep that figure nice and low. Tight buggers... :(
  12. I too am in Northern Ireland. Perhaps we should just accept I am right and you are not.
  13. Why would you care about whether he said Great Britain or Northern Ireland? you understood what he was asking right?

  14. Im afraid you are wrong. Northern Ireland is not part of the UK but part of Great Britain.
  15. I repeat: Whatever.