NI Army homes sold to ease housing stress

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Thought's chaps?

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  2. "These former MoD homes are in very good condition and can be quickly converted to bring them up to social housing standards," Mrs Ritchie said.

    Says it all really. What's good enough for us isn't good enough for normal humans.
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Oh I don't know - I had a 3 bedroom, brand new house in Portadown for about 7 quid a week when I was there.
  4. who said they are normal humans!!
  5. All well & good selling old homes, but where does the cash go?

    I live inside the wire and the houses are from the 1930's, i'm not allowed in the loft because of asbestos, the wiring is so old and crap the bulbs keep blowing, i was only allowed a new boiler to turn my heating on because my 2 week old baby girl was freezing, some neighbours (with no kids) have had no heating for weeks, the QM's issue them with 2 electric heaters and say, "that conforms to EU regulation".

    The army talks about billions spent on accomodation...where is this mystical land where brand new accomm is waiting all and sundry, I'll put a posting pref in today!

    Lets hope the money comes back to the boys/families and not to a group of consultants/politicans back pockets.
  6. Obviously I've not seen the houses mentioned in the article, but generally the standard of army married quarters is poor. I know, I've lived in several. It's just funny how the quarters are good enough for us to live in for years on end with a very low level of maintenance, but as soon as they are to be used to house regular civilians they suddenly need upgrading to a liveable standard. If they were in such great condition, why do they need upgrading? Because we don't have a set of teeth, that's why.
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    These are them I believe S.B.M.

  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Web Page Name[/quote]

    Not surprised - I almost paid for one completely when I had to march out on posting with almost no notice (eg time to sort it)....
  9. If these are the ones referred to in the article, I'm stunned. They're already 10 x better looking from the outside than any that I've ever lived in*. And they STILL need upgrading?

    *Or am I just a gungy twat?
  10. Of course they need upgrading. You can't have the great unwashed living in a house that does not have a full sky package and a 50 inch LCD TV in it. They will all need the free broadband as well, oh an the PC to surf the net while they spend their dole on beer and fags. The bathroom will need the underfloor heating and jacuzzi plumbed in too.
  11. I know these houses quite well,I'm not ashamed to admit i can remember them being built. As msq's go they are quite good,but Iagree with you,not good enough for those in need off Social Housing.Havinng seen the result of some Social Housing schemes,god help us,bring back the squaddies! Watch property prices nose dive even further in this area.Bye the bye,Siskin Dr.,Linnet etc.are two off the names of streets in this estate Anyone remember living there?
  12. Seems to underline the case for substandard MOD accommodation versus civpop and their acceptable standards.

    There you have it.

    My quarter in Minden during the 90's was a shitehole, barely fit for occupation and a matter of shame, like every other in the street, and on every other local patch.

    No money, big talk, slow improvements for our people serving.
    The increasing population and influxes force measures largely denied to HMF and their families. Incomers enjoying good accommodation on benefits whilst our Forces languish in squalor.

    MQ and room standards have hardly changed, to date, by all accounts. Q.E.D.
  13. "These former MoD homes are in very good condition and can be quickly converted to bring them up to social housing standards," Mrs Ritchie said.

    If they were good enough to house Soldiers (and families) they should be good enough for anyone else to move in to IMMEDIATELY..... Of course I may be in dream land :twisted:
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Yup,Considering nearly every home has VM &/or Sky,the'll be chipped VM Cable TV & Cloned Cable Modem'a aplenty!
  15. Bloody hell, that's brought back memories! I lived at Finch Gardens from 1994 - 1996. As I recall they weren't too bad, though not as nice as Mountview Drive where I lived on my next tour.
    I do remember that I was mightily relieved when they replaced the coal-fired boiler with the oil one!