I was rudely awakened this morning by my alarm which wakes me with some random radio station. This is what I heard (roughly):

"...under new guidelines smokers, drinkers and the obese may not get treatment..."

Now pardon my hypothesising but does that mean despite paying into a system I may not get what I need when I need it? Does this give me grounds to refuse to pay my taxes?

Does this mean that if I walk into a hospital with some dole scrounging wastrel who has never paid his/ her dues that they can get treatment but I can't just because I smoke?

I've seen it recently with my old man, nearly 50 years paying his taxes and yet when he needs help he gets screwed. (Not a reflection on NHS staff, they literally saved his life and treated him very well).

Unsurprised with this Government but angry :evil: :evil: :evil:
According to some NHS types I know, it's ironic for smokers at least, as they pay more tax per head of population than anyone else. If their conrtributions don't cover the cost of treatment, no one's will.
i underrtand the concept , but the govt know that smkoing and drinking will always cause illness ..are they going to stop attending 90% of A&E admissions as apparntley they are drink related??
humans have vices , they should get over it and promote a healthier lifestyle rather than use draconian measures
As Meat loaf said : 'Two out of three aint bad'....or is it - I'm a thin (ahem) non-smoking drinker. What are my chances of help from the NHS? Mercifully I'm insured up to the eyeballs and have private medical health cover so hopefully will stay out of the clutches of the NHS for as long as possible.

On Monday I attended the funeral of a 48 yr old former comrade in arms. The poor man had gone into hospital with gall stones, as a result of the treatment he then contracted a particularly nasty bout of pneumonia. This illness meant he had to have major brain surgery to try and save his life. During all this he contracted MRSA, which, simply put, killed him.

In yesterday's Torygraph was a piece about a fellow who had just sold his medals - not just any old medals: DSO, DFC and 2 bars, AFC, OBE etc - so that he could pay for his wife's knees to be operated on. Just consider what this amazing man had contributed to this country in both taxes and service. Disgraceful. Shame on this government. Also in the same paper was a tale of a surgeon who has been told to slow down because he's treating patients too fast and not allowing a waiting list to develop. WTF? Following on from that was a bit about a young hospital doctor complaining that the managers sling him out bang on his clocking off time. AS he points out, people don't get well to a timetable. Well done Mr Bliar - a total fcuk up!

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