NHS writes off 90% of bills owed by foreign nationals

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by re-stilly, Jan 25, 2012.

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  1. It seems that the NHS is being taken for a ride by Johnny Foreigner coming over here using the NHS and then not paying the bill.

    £7.6m owed by Foreigners

    Surely one easy step is, pay up front or no treatment.
  2. But then we would be no better that the Americans, perish the thought.
  3. Yeah but do they have a NHS that is running out of money, if you are a foreign national and you want treatment you pay up and then we will treat you, no money, no treatment.
  4. dont worry bout the bill fella.....the good ol tax payer will sort it....."hmm ok boss...ill have another kidney please"
  5. If they've arrived unconcsious in an ambulance how do you tell if the're a foreign national?
  6. usually the smell and colour.......
  7. Simple they have that swarthy, shifty look about them.
  8. Without going too deep in to this and being as PC as yourself... How do you tell the difference between an unconscious African immigrant who arrived two weeks ago and an unconscious African who is a british citizen and has lived here their whole life?

    Yes something needs to be done to stop people abusing the current system, I don't think your approach would help though.
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  9. How do you tell the difference ?

    The unconscious African who is a british citizen & has lived here their whole life is normally working nightshift at A&E !
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  10. That applies only in case of non-emergency treatments. Hospitals can't, by law, refuse treatment for life threatening injuries or incidents. Sure, they will throw you out on the street after the most basic treatments, after stabilizing you, but they cannot refuse outright to admit you in. Doesn't matter if you're a citizen or not, have insurance or not.

    Just my $0.02 as an American.

    More info:

    Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  11. Yes, but they are not the reason the NHS is running out of money. Blaming the foreigners for our own incompetent mismanagement of this sprawling, bloated money pit is just another smoke screen. If it was being run effectively & efficiently nobody would give two hoots about the relative peanuts involved in sorting out a few visitors. Indeed we should really be in the position where, when a foreign visitor genuinely ends up in one of our hospitals through sudden illness & want to know what it costs, the answer should be nothing at all & send them home humbled by our human generosity as a nation.
  12. I agree it is not the reason that it is running out of money, it is spewing money from every orifice. So surely the money that could be recouped here would not stop the rot but would pay for at least some equipment, a couple of operations or the Gods forbid maybe extra nurses or doctors.
  13. My brother works in a well known London teaching hospital.

    It is well known for visitors from certain nations to enter on a visitors visa with the intention of visiting established relatives in the UK. Some will be pregnant and will travel in enough time to meet the airline restrictions. They enter for the one reason of dropping their sprog in the in the UK. Once sorted and all is well a week or two later they head on home and skip the bill.

    Its all very well demanding payment up front from foreign nationals but what if they are minutes away from dropping and they don't have the ability to pay?
  14. Then there is the street, tough shit. Medical tourism should be stopped.
  15. I'm surprised we only lose 90%