NHS van checked into garage with body still inside

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. Note to self:

    If car breaks down in Scotland, don't get it recovered to AM Phillip garage in Aberdeen.

    Not if it takes three days to fix a tail light.
  2. we've all had an inappropriate stiffy, let's face it
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  3. Very good........
  4. They said the van was going to the body shop, so I thought....

    An easy mistake to make.
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  5. ARI Portering Dept at its best! When I worked for NHS Grampian a few years back I was appalled at the lax attitude afforded to such sensitive aspects such as the movement and treatment of the deceased from the ward to the mortuary. I have personal experience of bodies lying unattended in the service corridor under the hospital whre the body was left to be picked up by the van but due to a change of shift was there longer than it should have been. On another occassion the van was sitting outside with a body in the back, keys in the ignition whilst the porter went for a break. Porters smoking in the cardboard store, medical gasses store, and loading bays, confidential patient records lying in the main corridor outside clinics all night, fire exits and security doors propped open because it was a "Handy" short cut, clinical waste bags left lying in public areas, I could go on! If it wasn't for the ARI security service on their backs all the time there would be the potential of scandal after scandal!