NHS = Terrorist Training Camp

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cunexttuesday, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. Now, I consider myself pretty far right of centre when it comes to politics but you can't seriously tell me Americans believe this bile.


    I seriously worry about that nation.
  2. Oh sweet Jesus.....
  3. Hello Red, this is Neck calling.......

    As uncomfortable as I am with mass immigration and importing healthcare professionals from 3rd world countries, I am even more uncomfortable with the Fox News (noted for being without any 'left wing bias'). And you know who owns Fox News? Our very own antipodean news mogul, Mr Rupert Murdoch?

    Not that I agree with the left wing bias of the BBC or the Guardian, but there has to be a balance in society, and I don't see that in the US.....
  4. One of the most backward places is darkest USA, once you leave the coast in some areas you go back 200 years check out Lancaster county in Pennsilvania, still use horse and carts as the main mode of transport, This is afterall, the country that thinks the "Daily Show" is a news programe
  5. thats due to the religious and cultural preferences of the amish. not a bad group of people. family based, 100% employment and produce stuff that is useful. all the time working hard and not relying on the state to provide and wanting an easy life.

    and they cant really be used as an example of the US. 227,000 in a population of 300million.
  6. The overall situation is worrying, and may soon start to look reminiscent of the civil rights clashes of the 1960s if the bill looks like being passed. There are a large number of Americans who GENUINELY think their Federal Government is out to kill them.