NHS: Stand up for yourself as a patient.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by revmodes, Aug 23, 2011.

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  1. Just had an issue with my local GP surgery, not for the first time trying to send me on a 12 mile round trip for an "urgent" ECG and blood tests
    instructed to report tomorrow p.m. at a satellite surgery because that is where the speciialist nurse and a Dr will be tomorrow!

    Refused the appointment on the grounds that i do not live there and need to be seen locally," can you get a taxi?" or someone to drive you, or drive yourself despite needing an "urgent" ECG.... no to all of above, why should i?
    Telephoned the cardiac team at the hospital, one of them contacted the surgery and put an RPG up some ones arse, voila ECG in one hour at my clinic, unbelievable, had i been weaker willed, frail or vulnerable then i could have either said "sod it" and not botherd going at all, or paid out £20 in taxi fares and been messed around because it did not suit them to see me at my own clinic,but rather to suit their manning requirements at the time.

    Three weeks ago i was asked to go a hospital in Peterborough, a round trip of 180 miles to have a biopsy taken from my lip, then return a fortnight later for the results, followed by another trip to remove the thought to be non malignant tissue.

    I queried why Peterborough? "oh we have decided to reorganise our teams into specific areas" excellent so the NHS will be paying all of my travel costs etc then? After kicking up some shit, including e-mails to the nhs trust and my local mp, it suddenly turned out that there was a clinic in Boston with vacancies in a weeks time.
    The point being that these cuts are being introduced without consultation with patients/GP
    or even the staff at the specialised clinics, vulnerable patients are being put at risk, jobs are quietly being cut and unless we as patients stand our ground against this, then you or your kids, your older family members will be shunted around from Cornwall to Cumbria to suit the bean counters striving to achieve their targets and bonus's.

    Rant over , but seriously concerned from Lincolnshire keeping the objections going locally.
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  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Go private - that'll teach them!!
  3. Or you could just be a little understanding and help ease the burden of a system that still delivers outstanding treatment for nothing. Your ranting either means that a technician either had to come over to you and leave other patients waiting or more likely, you got someone who wasn't qualified up on the rather elderly machine used and they already missed an inverted T that could have saved your life. Oh well, least you weren't put out. How's the missus Victor?
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  4. Why should they consult GPS? Is that so the patients can use Satnav to get to the other clinics?

    I think all defective people should be put down... it is much cheaper that way. No waiting lists and no uncertainty. Just boom, a claw hammer to the back of the head. Claw first.
  5. aye it's fanny on like.however as markingtime says the n.h.s. is envied across the world.if its such a **** on,you could always not bother and possibly die instead.
  6. So if your problem is with the gp surgery, why haven't you changed practices? drs are small business's and aren't technically part of the nhs - it'll be more apparent when gp commissioning comes in.
  7. Blimey......... will we have to salute the feckers too?
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  8. The NHS isn't free. Unless you are a lifelong member of the unemployed/health tourist.
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  9. aye so wheres that put the joe duckies then?
  10. I'm always at the ready when things go wrong, now how does it go, turn the on switch await the valves warming up, chant 'Ride, Your, Green, Bike' and i'm sure i'll sort of remember what goes where.
    The govt. told us we wanted the choice of providors, you can have appointments quicker if you are prepared to travel.
  11. aye i agree,however it doesn't really matter.i knew a bloke at work that got a warning letter for having a heart attack.******* belter.
  12. Yes but I think you know what I meant. Break a leg in Spain and see how much it costs, that doesn't happen here.
  13. Not for the first time you are talking through your arse!

    If as you say it had left other patients waiting, how the hell could the tech and equipment be suddenly available 500 yards up the road on the same day?

    So you want to be understanding about one of your family being shunted around at the whim of a receptionist instructed by her line manager to ignore the patients wishes and protect their budget.

    Mine is a "super" practice with 15 Drs high tech building etc etc, with 3 satellite clinics in a 25 mile radius, there are no clapped out elderley machines, nor as another poster asked, is their a choice, one practice that's it.

    Having been treated brilliantly for 2 serious illnesses by the NHS i have nothing but admiration for the people on the shop floor who are being treated like shit by the politicians and hired gun consultants.

    The point is still ,that if you want it to remain a first class service then do not stand idly by and allow these cuts by stealth to go unremarked.
  14. It was his day off?, day for paperwork, the tech/the kit needed calibration/maint, the kit was at your loc but the tech wasn't so they sacked the little old grannies appointment becasue you were spitting your dummy and throwing your teddy all around the waiting room...

    Could be a myriad of possibilities.
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  15. its far from perfect but other systems cost a lot more.
    The US system can deliver the best care in the world as long as your insurance holds out:(