NHS Sinking In The Call Me Dave Quangomire

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cernunnos, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. I see that another self serving quango has hit the news:

    NHS Watchdog In 'Hospital Scandal Cover-Up'

    ....irregularities and cover-ups in an investigation in a quango who's sole pupose is to investigate irregularities and cover - ups in NHS care standards.....

    ....when will the embarrasingly amateur Westminster appointed quango - sinecure, old school chum's nose in the trough gravy train finally be derailled?
  2. Oh the irony, it would be funny if it wasn't so ****ing tragic.
  3. Yeah, ****ing unions! What are they like.....
  4. Bastards and we pay them handsomely for the privelage of being lied too, who do they think they are, New labour?

    Quangos really are the "gift which keeps on taking!"
  5. Who is going to prison then?

    Let me guess....."lessons learned"....hansome payoff...same old same old....
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  6. And within six months they pop up in another overpaid public non-job. Oh, it's lovely when you're on the inside.
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  7. Just to set the record straight, The Care Quality Commission was set up in 2009, a year before CMD came to power. Clearly you should be blaming Margaret Thatcher.
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  8. More the types who infest them and their political patronage.

    The former Chief Executive of the CQC, Cynthia Bower struggled along on £200k and was of course formerly chief executive of West Midlands' strategic health authority, responsible for supervising the performance of Stafford hospital.

    All you need to know:

    Interview: Cynthia Bower, chief executive of the new health and social care regulator | Society | The Guardian
  9. NHS in the news again?

    Must be a slow day at Reuters.
  10. The Care Quality Commission?

    Bunch of useless cnuts.

    'Hello? CQC? I want to report staff sleeping on nights and watching telly rather than keeping an eye on the patients'

    'Hello? Is that the 'x' Nursing Home? Yes, we will be conducting a visit to see if people are sleeping on shift'

    Qu'elle surprise, nothing found.

  11. Ach ja.....


    ....und ziss vee are calling eet ze "Mid Staffordshire Solution!"
  12. Privtae Eye have been highlighting the failures of the CQC for years.

    Some of the shocking 'Ticks in the boxes' for blatantly failing carehomes is eye-watering.

    The fact now that they were trying to cover up the errors, to some, should be seen as no surprise
  13. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    It's a conspiracy of the dishonest. Neither politicians nor the executives on these quangos want to admit they are not fit for purpose, so they keep covering up and pretending everything is OK. Then occasionally, the **** up becomes to big to conceal and a token head rolls - usually to be quietly re-employed 6 months later.

    It would be good if the governing party were honest about the problems in the NHS and the opposition were objective about attempts to put them right. Instead we get pantomime politics:

    "The NHS is working well".
    "Oh no it isn't".
    "Oh yes it is".

    Until we get politicians of stature (a vain hope) the ****-ups will continue.

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  14. You could have 600 and something politicians of stature tomorrow you just have to vote for them and convince large numbers of other people to do so too.

    Which ain't going to happen.

    Mr. social democratic (note small s & d) policies will win every time. That's why your national politics consist of two and a half electable parties with an s.d agenda and a selection of novelty acts.