NHS Redundancies = Recruitment Option?

Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by Legs, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. Watching GMTV this morning it was reported that 5000 NHS staff have been made redundant in recent months, and qualified medical staff (they highlighted Doctors, Nurses and Physiotherapists) are finding it increasingly difficult to find work within the NHS.

    Well, here's a plan - An AMS Recruitment drive. I know, I know - it's been done before. But how about a slogan along the lines of -

    'Army Medical Services - Like the NHS - But with real prospects, and a chance to travel!'

    OK, I won't apply for a job with Saachi and Saachi, but surely it's these people we should be targeting for recruitment!

    Over to you guys....
  2. " Army Medical Services- get treated worse than your NHS colleagues and get sent to dumps all over the world"

    That about sums it up.......seriously with the Iraq War about as popular as syphillis, who is going to want to join up and know they'll do some 3 tours out there in 3 years :?
  3. Hear hear dui-lai,

    Methinks that the NHS would be a tad soft and weak of mind for some of the 'luxury' postings that the AMS currently offer. :twisted:
  4. I am the only person yet to actually hear of anyone REALLY being made redundant. Are the 'redundancies' not a result of people retiring and not being replaced or others being redeployed and not being replaced?
    'Cos if redundancy is comin' a call-in' I wanna be in the front of the queue!! (maybe)
    Al RGN
  5. They are certainly really happening in my hospital (NW England). Band 6 and above were offered min £10k to go quietly and there was a mad rush to take them up on the offer. Only posts that wouldn't be replaced were allowed to go, but they think that they can shed 300 or so. Band 8 and above are currently being looked at with a view to not so voluntary redundancies. No doctors are affected so far as the juniors are paid for by the deanery and so come out of a different pot, and consultants bring in money under PBR.
  6. Could always sell the postives hosptials are going to be cleaner not really difficult though even if its just a tent :D .And being able to speak phillpino
    is not normally nesscary :D