NHS on its Knees, heres why

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Aleegee1698, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. I was on a building site today in FRG, it was a mix of half West, half East European Tradesmen and Goafers.

    At lunch-break, we get talking, mainly about money and who earns what, and who pays what. 60% of the Westerners are Self-employed, working on the German net, 100% of the Easterners are Self-employed and work on the European net.

    I was disgusted to hear, that the UK NHS is being ripped-off left, right, and full-on by East Europeans who possess an E111, have, however never seen the shores of Great Britain. This scam was explained (bragged) to me, and I am not prepared to go into too much detail here, but this scamming of British health insurance costs them a miserly 150 quid a year, all in, and for that they have cover in the whole of Europe. I pay €480 per month.

    Maybe it would interest the people of Great Britain why the ******* pot is empty.

    I would suggest to the NHS that anyone possessing such a card must present him/herself at an office on our shores every 6 months, show all Utility Bills, and any pay-slips / CIS4 statements.

    Unbelievable, but Fact.

    Over to the "Those you love to hate" Thread....................
  2. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The NHS is supposed to recover the cost of providing healthcare from the government that issued the card.

    Assuming that happens they are scamming their own governments about which I don't really care.

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  3. I'm guessing the scam involves getting the E111 card issued by the British gubment, hence the need for Igor Polack to turn up with utility bills
  4. Correct, it involves some "paperwork" being filled out by a treacherous UK Accountant/Solicitor/xxx etc. I m afraid the NHS wont be seeing any refunds from any issuing Gubments, because the Gubment who issued it is actually in Westminster
  5. They are not the only ones, what about the opticians in hospital low vision clinics who charge £160+ (yes £160+) per low vision assessment, the money normally being well hidden in the overall clinic for eye surgery and Ophthalmologists AND the LOC is the person controlling the contracts...... hello !! conflict of interests

  6. Fat people cost us far more and are far more easily preventable. Rope's cheap.
  7. You ll have to go and see a Quack (if you can find one) about that intolerable Fatty Hatred of yours. I have noted you "clogging-up" other threads on here about Tubbies, and I for one cannot comphrehend all that hatred you have within your good soul.

    Its Glandular, accept it, and if you cant, tuck in and join them.
  8. Zyklon B's quicker, though I pity the sonderkommando who would have to drag out some of the chubby funsters I see around.
  9. I have to agree with you on that matter, in some circumstances

    1 - thin people eat less in hospital - saving
    2 - thin people need less stitches after an op - saving
    3 - thin people need less medication to aid recovery - saving
    4 - thin people sweat less, less laundry - saving
    5 - thin people use the crapper less, less paper - saving
    6 - less to wash for the nurses, more time with needy patients - saving
    7 - two thin people to a bed ??? - saving (not sure thats legal)
    8 - weigh less, less strain on hospital equipment means it lasts longer - saving


    fat people die quicker - saving
    fat people dont need so much heat to keep warm - saving
    fat people are happier in hospital and recover quickly - saving
    fat people have less chance of recovery - saving
    even fat people find it hard to hold down hospital food - saving
    botched ops easier to blame on someone being fat - saving

    The saying... pot..... kettle... comes to mind

    large taxi !!!!
  10. Health tourists are not a new thing. Many flock from the US to take advantage of our free health care.

    The NHS needs to look at the treatments it gives for free rather then dramatically cutting back on vital services. For example, stop giving boob jobs/cosmetic surgery and IVF treatment. Neither of those are vital for health and IVF treatment is ridiculously expensive and should be paid by the couple wanting a child, not by the tax payer.

    There was recently a case in Portsmouth where a fat **** wanted to get an op so he could lose weight Linky thingy. He did not qualify to have that as he had not reached the weight criteria...in other words he wasn't fat enough. His solution was to eat more on top of his already huge diet. If he could eat more, why could he not eat less and save the tax man paying and also save himself. No doubt instead of telling this fat waster to **** off, the NHS probably let him have the op.
  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I agree with you about fat gits and other self inflicted wounds - smoking? - but I would have to take issue with you over 'cosmetic' surgery. As far as I'm aware the NHS only does cosmetic surgery to correct disfigurements. In the case of boob jobs that would only be if they are different sizes or reductions when large breasts can cause significant health problems.

    The difficulty is how do you define significant disfigurement? One person with batwing ears may not care but it ruin another persons life.

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  12. If the cosmetic surgery is for disfigurements caused by fire etc then I agree. I don't agree with boob jobs though. If someone has a smaller tit then the other, so what? Why should our taxes pay to have someone's tit made bigger? If the tits are causing health problems (such as breast cancer or tits that are too big) then they should receive treatment.

    I am a skinny twat, but would I get offered "treatment" to make myself bigger...such as muscle implants (believe it or not they do that! linky thingy ) so that people stop calling me a skinny twat which is hurtful and emotionally scars me? No of course not, I would just get told to eat more, go to the gym etc etc. So why should someone with boobs not similar in size get "treatment"?
  13. When I left the NHS early last year I was on a commissioning panel that decided whether expensive procedures like cosmetics and bariatric surgeries went ahead. The panel hadn't granted any breast enhancement or reduction surgery, unless for medical urgent reasons, for at least 3 years by that point and that's replicated in most PCTs.

    Most bariatric surgery saves the NHS money in the long term as it reduces ongoing costs in terms of diseases of the obese, but this had been stopped too by the time I left. we'd also dropped down to one cycle of IVF from 3.