NHS nurses in Bastion?


Just heard from a semi reliable source that NHS ( not contract nurses from Frontier Medical ) nurses are turning up at Camp Bastion. Not a shock til I heard how much they were on....£6000 per month plus their NHS salary on top. Is this true or a wah?
Sounds most unlikely and I would guess these are agency people. The only NHS nurses I know of are the TA nurses that form most of the Field Hospitals deployed and most of us don't get anything like £6k a month (get paid according to Army rank or NHS salary + TA pay dependent on which is higher) and we don't get our NHS salary as well.

What does happen is that the trusts we work for normally get paid to backfill our posts if necessary but they have to show that they've done so, ie they can't just claim the salary back which they aren't paying anyway.


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I was speaking with an ex of mine the other week and some NHS nurses - specifically trauma trained have been approached. Not sure about the extra cash though.


Thought so, looks like they are NHS and not agency. was wondering where these lucrative posts have been advertised....No, I will not be applying. I am due to re attend Bastion later this year and will go with a smiley face. However, I do like to know these things just in case situations change.....
Too get qualified people in country the incentive must be there and it would be unfair to compare military and civilian wages.
If you were injured would you not prefer to have a NHS specialist treating you or a shortage of personel which could affect your survival rate.
£200 a day is very good value


How incredibly sad that we , the 'one army' can't man our deployed hospitals and have to spend money on civvies (who have been mostly very good in my experience) to pull up the rope