NHS now 3rd world standard ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by monsoon_ditch, Dec 19, 2005.

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  1. Blair and his government have finally achieved 3rd world standard for our NHS

  2. That's just sick... :x
  3. I would say that the current state of public services is less to do with the current government, and more to do with the previous government, and rubbish hospital management. Have you seen the amount of money going into the NHS? And yet the running of it is disgraceful!! They ought to line up the mangers, shoot them, and start again.
  4. Absolute bollocks mate, it's all about modern business practices being applied to a public sector where the service "should be" important not the hitting of targets.
    Close pal who used to be an admin wallah now runs a target management office in one of the Yorkshire health authourities openly admits to fixing treatment priorities to meet the latest Government instituted targets. "Whats that guv?" "You need hip replacement waiting times down to under 6 months?" "Right Fred, cancel those knee ops, that targets been dropped, schedule some hip ops in the spare places".

    This is the real face of the NHS, meet your admin targets or suffer. Screw the patients they're just numbers.

    edit - poor grammar
  5. Actually this type if incident, whilst unpleasant is not that unsual and does not reflect on the standards of a particular hospital or the NHS or the Prime Minister. The presence of a maggot will do the patient no harm (apart from a shock) and maggots are used routinely in some cases to clean up sloughy wounds.
  6. yeah right, no worries eh ?
  7. Maggots are clean creatures & as previously mentioned do no harm. However the fact they had not been placed there intentionally is a real infection control issue.

    And as a senior HCW in the NHS I agree 110% line up the mangers, shoot them.

    HR in the average NHS trust cost as much to employ with little to for it, as it does to run the rest of the trust. All they do is mismanage funding & attempt to massage the target figures in an effort to meet government targets.
  8. I think the present situation vis-a-vis NHS and state of defence, that we do not have enough ammunition to shoot all the NHS 'managers'. I was involved in facilities management contracts for three NHS Trusts and the profits would have choked a camel. All expenditure monitored etc by 'managers'
  9. [quote="Pox_Dr However the fact they had not been placed there intentionally is a real infection control issue.


    I can think of worse infections to have and given that this was an isolated case that happened 5 months ago it hardly justifies the vitriol directed at managers, (and no I'm not an NHS manager).
  10. I can think of worse infections to have and given that this was an isolated case that happened 5 months ago it hardly justifies the vitriol directed at managers, (and no I'm not an NHS manager).[/quote]

    It's not this case that has caused it, it is the constant mis-management of money which is then blamed solely on Tony Blair that really irks me. It's the people spenind the money, the health chiefs and local managers that are crap. My mom is a HCA at a cardio unit in Somerset. Her manager will only respond if they contact her by E-MAIL!!! Their "manager" won't even deal with them face to face! Now, how can you possibly manage like that?
  11. Make your mind up in your other post you said "is not that unsual " now it's islotated.

    If you think this sort of thing is OK and the NHS is well run then I have to wonder if you've taken your medication today.

    The time before last when I was in hospital I nearly died, not from the op, but from the MRSA and septacemia (spelling ?) I got afterwards. The last time I went in my wife cleaned the room everyday because the cleaner, who couldn't even speak english, seemed to think that gobbing on the floor then pushing the gob round with a mop was all that was required.

    Blair has f*cked the NHS by allowing the money to be misused in order they can meet his f*cking silly targets.
  12. MD, I do not think it is inconsistent to say something can be "not unusual", (i.e. has happened before and could happen again but it is infrequent) but that it is also "isolated" (i.e. appears to have been the first and last episode at the hospital).
  13. Damn right. There was a letter in today's Torygraph from a senior medical bod, to the effect that the problems in the NHS are down to a decade and a half of trying to pretend it is a business. Thus, the people act like any other corporate drone, and do the bare minimum for the money. All goodwill is long gone.

    The writer tentatively quantified the value of goodwill years ago as perhaps as much as 40% over and above what was being paid for, in terms of labour costs (people would do extra out of pride). Now, he suggests, the huge extra sums going into the service are largely plugging that gap.

    Shades of the Army/ reserves there?

    Having said that, my recent experience of the NHS as a user has been fantastic. We had a baby 5 weeks ago, and the local services, from A&E through maternity to midwives and health visitors have been wonderful. Couldn't ask for better.

    Why can't it all be like that?
  14. Steamy window, spot on post.
    My old man very reluctantly retired as a GP in the NHS after finally discovering that in fact he should have trained as an accountant-more and more of his time was being wasted filling in "target" paperwork which the LHA considred vital, time which could have been spent with his patients, sorry customers.
    He was, and is, a very caring man who never, ever, turned down a request for help from a patient. He worked in a rural practice with 6 other GPs,who did a 24 hr on call once a week. As a kid I always remember wednesday night as the night the phone never stopped ringing and he always went out, and some of his patients lived 20 miles away. Try that now...
    I'd love to know where the money pumped into the NHS has gone- bin targets,bin non medically qualified administrators from making anything but the most basic decisions,preferably with a financial cap of say £200 and bring back Matrons who will beast the cleaners until they're hiding on board the Eurostar (south bound) at Waterloo! Bring back some pride and the goodwill will hopefully follow
    Just an idea.....................
  15. And kill all subcontractor company bosses.

    I deal with some of these scum from time to time. Money isn't just up the list from patient care for these creeps, it's the only thing on the list. Patients? Screw 'em. Workers? Plenty more where they came from. Public service ethos? Sorry mate, me no comprende.