NHS military wards to be set up.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hansvonhealing, Oct 18, 2006.

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    NHS 'military wards' to be set up
    Tuesday, 17 Oct 2006 14:36

    The government is considering creating special military wards within NHS hospitals for seriously ill soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Tony Blair said an announcement on the new arrangements would be made soon, to ensure that servicemen and women are treated in a comfortable environment.

    Reports of injured troops being treated in civilian wards on the NHS, and even being confronted by anti-war protestors while they were in hospital, have also caused controversy.

    And today Mr Blair said there would be action to address this problem, in the form of new military wards within hospitals where servicemen and women could be treated in a familiar environment.

    "The expert advice we have is that some of the most serious injuries are best treated in specialist services in the NHS. But we are looking at military-managed wards in the NHS," he told reporters.

    There would probably only be about two in existence at any one time, the prime minister said, but the proposals would meet the concerns of some soldiers.

    Shadow defence secretary Liam Fox welcomed today's announcement, saying: "It is totally unacceptable that we have military personnel returning injured from combat and finding themselves put in mixed civilian wards.

    "Nothing else will do, other than a guarantee that servicemen and women will be treated in exclusive military units. They deserve the best medical care this country can
    give them."

  2. About damn time, give them some Security from the Yahoo's. Put them among their Comrades, where they can feel safe as they recover. They deserve the best care the UK can give.
  3. Better keep pushing on this though, given New Labours track record in delivery now they have spoken to the press they will think that its job done
  4. "The government is considering "

    Ya ya Tommy ick verstain.
    Lynching is being considered for members of HM Government by some.
  5. Something tells me, 'Horse has already bolted', but better late than never......eh!
  6. It'll happen, because it's not hard. All they've got to do is section off 1 x room per hospital = job done. And Big Tone's a hero again. Hooray, kisses all round.
  7. Once upon a time, they did have exclusive run Military wards at Frimley Park or Grimley Dark as its fondly known :roll: but these were full to the brim with geriatrics :evil: and if they decide to make some wards military run, you will not get any military in them as the ward will be full of the nursing intensive patients or trouble-makers the NHS wards don't want :roll:

    All in all, not an answer to the situation we are hoping to achieve. The only way around this is for this bunch of liars to admit the concept of MDHU's is wrong and build a dedicated military hospital.

    Now out there, there are those in the white ivory towers who believe the idea that the military hospitals were closed on Clinical Governance and best practice grounds because of lack of specialised training. All I can say is that is absolute rubbish, the care and training given was first class and in a military environment with an espirit de corps, which is sadly lacking in the MDHUs and speaking from first hand knowledge, the standard of training is no where as good as was being achieved within a military hospital, apart from some very specialised areas.

    Right, I'll get off my soapbox now :wink:
  8. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    In my limited time based at QEMH I was sent all the nasty cases that the NHS didn't want to or couldn't deal with for at least three reasons.

    1) It saved the NHS the cost and trouble of difficult cases when resources were scarce.
    2) I had no real time restraints and could spend the time developing unique treatments for difficult cases.
    3) It added valuable experience to the skills base I had learned from the military when from a practice point of view i was not getting enough injured military patients with only NI running at the time.

    In short we had the skills that the NHS relied on when thigns got difficult, not the other way round.
  9. As I mentioned on another thread, there was, apparently, a military-managed ward at RCDM in the past. However, deployments and the manning crisis in the AMS meant that it could not be sustained.

    I agree completely with Dui Lai's comments about the military hospitals, and have long said that the answer to any perceived training gaps would have been to make a teaching hospital into a military-managed hospital. It would then have the advantages of efficient management, training for both military and civilian doctors and nurses, and be able to provide comprehensive and secure treatment for the military as well as civilians.

    One of the difficulties of providing a military ward at RCDM is that it's not just Selly Oak - it's spread over several sites around Birminghamistan. Maybe what they should also be looking at is secure areas, as used at the RVH in Belfast.
  10. Nice one DL

    I also worked in the old BMHs in Germany, also QE, CMH, NI, Catterick etc. and I have to say that this notion of not being able to provide adequate clinical training/military medical staff being inferior etc............ is wide of the mark. I attended several long civilian courses along with Army colleagues and found that we not only held our own, but also put to shame some of our civilian counterparts. It strikes me that the notion of inferior clinical ability provides an adequate excuse for closing military hospitals rather than reflecting the truth. I have also been on the receiving end of BMH and NHS care and I know which I would choose over the other!

  11. From what I saw of his press conference and his references to the military wards Mr T Bliar seemed to be making things up as he went along, so don't hold your breath for this promise to be broken!
    Its only because of the press focus on Monday night that you got an answer at all!
  12. I think the mechanism by which these wards will be provided is hidden in his statement... Tents, no? Or perhaps under ponchos. Couldn't make patients bivvie under the stars, could they?

    Still, at least we'd be in a familiar environment...

  13. Many a true word etc. The 'hostel' for service patients in Alexandra Block is as near to old-fashioned barrack accommodation as you could get.
  14. Stay on it mate. I rate military staff far higher than NHS and always have done. I've spent long enough in the company of both to make that judgement.

    My only gripe about the military side, is that I am still waiting in vain for a bus load of nurses who apparantly set off from Rinteln 20 years ago.

    I live in hope.
  15. Why not put us up in BUPA hospitals instead? The nurses are nicer, and the coffee's a darn sight better. At least the MOD could then charge out it's surplus capacity to those who can afford it!