NHS England cuts £3M funding for Combat Stress ?


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Had a look around in Professional,RAMC etc ' forum but this is current news so FWIW.
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As a Combat Stress supporter, I get their Newsletter etc from time to time.

Most recent letter says:

" You might have read that funding from NHS England for our six week PTSD residential
treatment programme will be withdrawn from July 2018
This loss of funding,which amounts to £3.2M, means that as we approach our centenary in 2019,
we will be even more reliant than ever on support from the general public. "

@Wordsmith @bigeye - I don't recall either seeing or hearing any kind of statement from Dept of Health or NHS England on this?

Be interested to know how this was presented.

Combat Stress statement from CEO Sue Freeth is here:

Our veterans "deserve the very best care and support"

As a country, we must not ‘put all our eggs in one basket’ by relying solely on community-based mental health services, whilst abandoning support for the residential treatments which are proven to be so effective.
This would be a great injustice for the men and women who have so bravely served our country, and deserve the very best care and support, regardless of where it is delivered.

Alongside our own helpline for veterans and their families, Combat Stress is most well-known for our Intensive Treatment Programmes for complex trauma-related mental health problems such as PTSD and depression, substance misuse and dependency.
This six-week residential treatment programme is respected worldwide, and is widely regarded by veterans, their families, and other mental health practitioners as the best standard in care.

Residential care is not for everyone. With family and work commitments, some veterans will find effective community services close to where they live will work better for them.
It’s important veterans can access the right support, when and where they need it.

So over the last few years, we have invested in our own community services, bolstering our existing community teams with specialists such as occupational therapists and mental health nurses.
Veterans who contact us can now receive initial treatment and support more quickly than at any other time in our history.

We implore those in power to reconsider, and commit once again to funding the proven and vital residential specialist mental health services veterans need and want.

------------------ endit -----------------

I know there are mixed opinions on the care C-S can provide.
I also have met a few folk who tell me that without their help, they would be dead.

Anyone seen any coverage of this frankly outrageous bit of budget slicing ? Thanks

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Looks like the The Veterans' Mental Health Complex Treatment Service could be the cause

A spokesman for NHS England confirmed that placements at that Combat Stress facility were being "tapered off as is usual when a provider reaches the end of a contract".

He added: "There’s more money going into veterans' services, meaning we’ll be able to provide support for more people in line with a new specification which is based on what veterans told us they wanted. We’ve appointed providers covering every area of the country, and in some this includes other Combat Stress services.


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Hmm, mebbe.

When did that come out?

Given that C_S has three residential centres across UK, is there an employment issue?

@Bad CO @napier The MPs for Leatherhead, Newport,Salop and Ayr should be reviewing this issue carefully I would have thought ?

Ironic that the NHS Choices website has this to say: Performance - Audley Court - NHS Choices
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Thanks, I was laid out in ICU then so may have missed it. Hmmm.

If anyone spots anything in the press perhaps you would be good enough to post a link,in line with the Forum TOR's. Ta.
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I wonder what has changed in the last two years...:scratch:

Charity Awards | Combat Stress

Results from study of 246 veterans who had participated in the programme show that 87 per cent experienced a significant reduction in symptoms, with 63 per cent no longer meeting the criteria for PTSD six months after taking part.

The programme now runs across three of the charity’s centres, with more than 1,000 veterans having received treatment.

Charity Awards judge Su Sayer said: “What Combat Stress is doing is great, and hugely needed.”
Has anyone been referred to Combat Stress? Did they help? Asking for a friend, like
Has anyone been referred to Combat Stress? Did they help? Asking for a friend, like
yes (self referral)

and no (they lost medical records for starters)
individual experiences may vary.

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