NHS continuing healthcare deadline now set

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by sunami, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. No doubt there are some members of Arrse who have been lumbered with care home fees for elderly relatives and possibly had to sell property as a consequence.


    Unfortunately there is only two months left of the deadline to be able to reclaim.
  2. Good luck with that: the criteria for grant of Continuing Care is very strict. When I recently jumped through the hoops with the surviving Aged Parent (an 82-year old male with Parkinson's, vascular dementia and a dicky ticker), his needs were assessed as 'Borderline' and, consequently, he did not qualify.

    I was left with the distinct impression that, other than being a blind eye on a bed, an individual with the 'standard' ailments associated with old age has little hope of qualifying for CC.

    To assess a deceased individual's care needs sounds something of a futile exercise.

    ...........still, it's only £2k per month and he's worth it.
  3. This is another in a series of reviews that have followed the new guidance for Continuing Care which came out in 2007. Many of the cases will be reviewed post mortem and against criteria that weren't in place when the original assessments took place.

    I was heavily involved in commissioning continuing care when I worked for the NHS. We were a relatively generous PCT comparitively but some most certainly weren't (to the point of ignoring the guidance and case law allegedly) and will have a large number of cases to review.

    It is isn't helped by the frustrating and wholly arbitrary definitions as to what is social care (ie paid for by social services) and what is nursing care (ie paid for by the NHS and specific nursing care that can't be provided by normal care workers) as these come out of two seperate pots of money, meaning most trusts and SS depts used to play ping pong with many of these cases as to who should pay.