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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CharlieBubbles, Jan 1, 2008.

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  1. PM signals first NHS constitution

    Gordon Brown said patients admired NHS doctors and nurses
    Prime Minister Gordon Brown has signalled his intention to press ahead with a constitution for the NHS.
    It would set out for the first time the rights and responsibilities linked to entitlement to NHS care.

    Mr Brown's comments came in a New Year message to NHS staff ahead of the 60th anniversary of the health service.

    He said a constitution - which was first suggested by former PM Tony Blair - would help secure its future for another 60 years.

    In a letter to NHS staff, Mr Brown said a fundamental review of the taxpayer-funded health service was under way.

    And he said changes could be enshrined in an NHS constitution, setting out the "rights and responsibilities" linked to entitlement to NHS care.

    Staff thanked

    Mr Brown said better care and higher standards over the past 10 years had reduced waiting times and saved thousands of lives.

    Some 99.9% of people with suspected cancer were seen by a specialist within two weeks of a GP referral, compared with 63% in 1997.

    And cancer mortality rates had fallen in the last 10 years, with 60,000 lives being saved.

    A further 175,000 people under 75 with cardiovascular disease had also been saved by NHS care and treatment, he said.

    "These are your achievements and I want to thank you for them," he wrote.

    'Personalised care'

    He said plans for 2008 involved tackling hospital infections and improving access to care.

    Earlier this year, Mr Brown asked Professor Ara Darzi to conduct a major review of the NHS in consultation with patients, staff and the public.

    We must resist the urge to tinker with further structural changes and concentrate on ensuring excellent technical treatment is twinned with responsive care tailored to individual needs and experience

    Dr Gill Morgan

    Over the next year, he said, "we will describe how we will achieve our shared ambition of an NHS which is more personal and responsive to individual needs.

    "Personalised not just because patients can get the treatment that they need when and where they wan, but because from an early stage we are all given the information and advice to take greater responsibility for our own health."

    He talked of wanting to create an NHS which is "as good at prevention and keeping us healthy as it is at the care and the cures we know are there when we need them".

    He said he wanted to give patients more control over their care, adding: "We will also examine how all these changes can be enshrined in a new constitution of the NHS, setting out for the first time the rights and responsibilities associated with an entitlement to NHS care."

    Mr Brown's comments were welcomed by Dr Gill Morgan, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents more than 95% of NHS organisations.

    But she warned: "In this jubilee year, we must resist the urge to tinker with further structural changes and concentrate on ensuring excellent technical treatment is twinned with responsive care tailored to individual needs and experience."

    The NHS - the world's first completely free healthcare system - was created by Nye Bevan, then minister for health, on 4 July 1948.
  2. So 'constitution' is the new vogue word replacing 'charter.'

    Window dressing puff from the experts - no substance.
  3. I didn't think that Broon did constitution, he prefers TREATY!! :wink:
  4. Typical leftie/lawyer approach; if they write something down, or make a law, it's bound to happen. They haven't noticed that murder's been ilegal for years, but that still happens...
  5. I would be initially sceptical of the purpose of an NHS constitution.

    A constitution is a system of fundamental laws and principles that prescribes the nature, functions, and limits of an institution.

    The key word here is the limitations that will be imposed on the beneficiaries of the constitution.

    Treatment is being withheld or restricted to individuals at present. Some examples follow:




    Are we now reaching the point at which health services will be withdrawn not only due to unacceptable lifestyle choices but also on genetic and statistical health risk assessments.

    Lifestyle choices may also include recreational activities and it may be deemed as unacceptable to provide health cover due to high incidence of injuries in some contact sports. It is a difficult judgement call open to a whole plethora of medico-legal challenges.

    I note that:

    This statement is open to interpretation as defined criteria for disability or medical condition varies amongst the medical profession and healthcare providers.

    Data surveys are already taking place on a huge scale. If we are honest and look at what this data information is actually used for, I doubt the legitimate reasons on informed work and reducing inequalities in health are the primary focus. The ability to measure progress against specific targets (this includes repositioning of resources such as funding) seems paramount.

    Whilst this seems to deviate from the initial thread it is intrinsically linked.

    If individuals are refused treatment due to lifestyle choices, will they be offered a financial reduction in National Insurance Contributions to seek private medical care? A constitution should work both ways and not be purely for the benefit of the one party.

    The ethos of the NHS was that every single person has access to quality health care that is financed through progressive taxation, that is, from each according to his ability to pay, to each according to his needs as a patient.

    The creation of the NHS constitution will IMO move us inexorably away from these principals.
  6. Anybody know where we are at with the 5 year tractor production plan?
  7. Brown never learns, does he? He has thrown our money at an unreformed NHS for the last 10 years. Anyone seen any difference? More well paid managers, lots of unmet targets, oh, and with record funding for the NHS, lots of wards and hospitals closing down and trusts massively in debt. All Brown knows how to do is waste our money then come up with lots of official excuses as to why he's wasted it.
  8. Unreformed? Do you know how many re-organisations the NHS has been through in the last ten years? That's one of the problems. We're never able to get on with doing the job as we're forever changing the organisational structures. It's massively frustrating.

    There's now a lot fewer PCTs than previously, which does mean somewhat less managers. Most of the setups they tried would have worked if they'd been given chance to run for a few years!
  9. But it is not "completely free" - it's paid for taxpayers, including those who may be deemed to have made "poor lifestyle choices". What's more, not even 'Nye' Bevan envisaged the system providing no cost health care to economically unproductive non Britons who wash up on our shores!

    I'll be interested to see whether strictures on treatment apply to those whose "lifestyle choices" have resulted in intractable STIs, or will it simply be smokers, drinkers & porkers who get the order of the wagging finger plus a big f*kc off? We all know the answer to this on, don't we?!
  10. I do think that when I was a young man UK Based, Britain had a National Health Service that was world class and as so, respected around the world.
    Just when the rot set in I do not know.
    Now it is not a world leader.
    Five years ago when my mother passed away, the one thing I do remember about her hospital ward was the Fact that there where more administrators present in the ward, then Nursing/Medical staff.
    Where I live now if I want Medical service I go too any Doctor. I have a clinic that I use and if My Dr. is not happy with his Knowledge it's a there and then phone call and I am on my way immediately to see a specialist at hospital.
    Last time my brother called he had been to hospital for a 'Brain Scan' following a fall. The fall had been three months previous.
    I could go now and have a MRI scan today and at very reasonable cost.
    NHS a Labour rip off which has wasted Billions of hard earned Tax Payers money.
  11. indeed jonwilly.
    here in singapore you get money deducted from your wages and put into your own personal fund.
    you then use this to purchase health care,education,housing.
    simple-your money is added to by the govt(thus spreading taxation around) and your employer.
    if that isnt a great system-what is.
    I am a consultant in health care-I would never put a foot into UK system -either to work or as a patient.
    too many managers who have no clue.
  13. we had a PCT re-org recently, 4 into 1 and then spent £1000's getting everyone's namebadges, forms and headed letter paper reprinted with the name of the PCT, which reverted to what it was 5 years ago!! And they wonder why we're in debt!
  14. The comment also sounds like he is preparing to throw more money at it to look good politically, when he could save money by losing all those extra managers.
    Given that managers are needed and the system needs administration, but what proportion of NHS staff are actually face to face with patients?
    And of those staff how much of their time is spent face to face with patients?
    There is part of the answer.
    My dad was a family doctor for nearly forty years, and burnt himself out by always being there to help people, and working long hours when he had to
    and a lot of patients showed up at his funeral.

    It's very simple, more doctors/nurses/auxiliaries,
    cut the paper to the minimum,
    cut the admin to the minimum,
    give the system time to work
    make doctors work reasonable hours,
    put a limit on reclamations so doctors can trust to their skills/experience and not just become readers of blood tests. - Dad used to examine people by looking and listening not just looking at a print-out. When doctors can't do anything without worrying about covering their arrses then they have ceased to be good doctors.
    Balls to drugs for everything, use common sense, the NHS is a salesman for drug-companies.

    Where does the list stop?
    But Gordon won't do any of that, it is not PC.
  15. The waste of resources is astounding.

    Here is a link to the nhs identity strategy which no doubt employed numerous petty NHS bureaucrats at an extortionate cost to the British taxpayer.

    The NHS Logo

    More resources should be aimed at providing front line services rather than more managerial/administrative posts.

    As long as this Government remains obsessed with data and statistical returns, essential services will suffer. One has to wonder what the end result of this information will be. A rather interesting but disturbing read is contained below:

    NHS Care Records System

    This article has raised my awareness of the amount of information the Government wish to retain and I will certainly be opting out.

    A huge proportion of the budget is siphoned off by public services on data tracking. I am far from convinced of any benefits this will achieve. The latest data scandals are testament to this POV.