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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by boney_m, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. 12.4 Billion NHS Computer System

    Looks like the NHS are experiencing their own DII saga, only this time the bill is 12.4 billion quid - 2 1/2 times more expensive than our fiasco. Is there an example of an effective government IT Change programme, or are they all doomed to failure? 12.3 billion, the mind boggles.
  2. err the millennium bug was successful, they whittled away something like £240m telling us that all our PC's was gonna crash etc and no real repercussions ever heard about that one..
  3. The NHS has been at this a lot longer than DII, NHS budget started at £2.5 Billion where DII starts at £8.5 Billion. Using the NHS overspend as a guide line DII will reach over £50 Billion and still deliver naff all!
  4. lets not be totally unfair, it has delivered a bar at the bottom of the screen that tells you "There are no serious issues with DII Services", its even more impressive to watch when the network is down!!

    Rumour has it that a fault light was seen to flicker in a Ptarmigan SFS during the millennium melt down - but that might have been due to an inattentative tech during rsit.
  5. Are we now talking DII(C) or (F) there is a difference in as much (F) is the one that DCSA are so happy to brag about the 40 live terminals it has.............. erm the same 40 that have failed acreditaion and security testing and so are not on any network to fail!! First two Billion down the drain for the delivery of 40 stand alone machines we could have bought down at PC world for a £500 each :oops:
  6. We could flog them Unicom for half that.

    Who the fuck signs the cheques for these procurement programmes????

    12.4 billion????? I would love to see the paper trail for that. No doubt it ends at the stern of a 300' Yacht currently summering in Bermuda.

    When it does, we will all be living on the planet Zod and using light fucking sabres.

    Patricia Hewitt said on the news it was all going well. I'd hate to see it when its going 'Pete Tong'.

    12.4 billion????????

    I got the Spanish Inquisition for using a hire car for an extra day (whilst on duty).
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Funnily enough, I have just heard presentations from all of the major suppliers and each one has said that their bit is on time and on budget....

  8. On which time frame and who's budget?
  9. Are you suggesting its a ruse by the media to slate the govn? Or are they (Liabour) just a bunch of swindling cunts?
  10. If its anything like DII there own time.....................remember the promise of first user live by April 1st? Atlas didn't say which year did they???
  11. hey, be fair. JPA can't be compared to this failing IT system. It is so easy to use according to Soldier magazine Voxpop, or was that a staged event ?

    Are you confident that it is going to be a great success ....or we will be told at some stage that "there is an unforseen problem" and we will end up with another desktop paperweight like UNICOM.

    Like the NHS system, JPA will be about as much use as Eurofighter - but cheaper. I foresee a Grade One Clusterfaux.
  12. I wouldn't bank on it being cheaper than Typhoon.................. or Bowman for that matter

    Easy to use? I'll let the crabs at work know that, 20 of em and not single one has been paid correctly since April!
  13. I apologise that this is a simplistic view. It's not just the computer systems. All the stuff that's complained about by all the various corps has been happening in the NHS and Education for a long time. I think it's hit the forces a bit later (though really don't have a clue). So much that I read about on here echoes the things I endured as a nurse.
  14. JPA isnt DII - JPA is a system which falls under the umbrella of the DII Programme. JPA can be compared, for ease of explanation, to arrse. Arrse is an applicaiton that sits on some servers, and we all use different computers and networks to access its services.

    JPA has its problems, some of which were inexcuseable at the time of delivery but it is a system that can work, but without the means to access its services its bloody useless.

    Government IT projects just seem to be a bottomless pit of mismanagement and financial hell. I say again 12.4 billion!!!!! Spending that amount of money and still be in a state of project failure makes the mind boggle.
  15. Look on the bright side............... JPA has only been live a few months an dwe know it doesn't work that well, the civil service have had HRMS for about four years now and it STILL doesn't work!

    IF they they keep to plan for the JPA rollout for the Army and the TA, I would expect by the forever 'Slipping' DII installs 90% of us won't get paid for two years as we've nothing to log onto JPA with!