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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by polar, Apr 15, 2005.

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  1. >
    >An "older" patient goes into his GP's consulting room and sits down
    >with the doctor.
    >Dr: "What can I do for you today?"
    >Pt: "My wife has seen all about this 'Choose a book scheme' on the
    >Dr: "Errrm......, Y..e..s?"
    >Pt: "Well, we're going on holiday next week, and she wondered if you
    >had anything by Agatha Christie"
    >Apparently true?!?!

    soz .... dull friday
  2. LOL - The lads here on SPINE said you was always a joker :twisted: whats this about your sandbags and swing a light :wink:
  3. :?: :?: :?: :?:

    Think u might have the wrong guy :D struggled on that last bit.. I'm an immigrant to Yorkshire :lol:
  4. There is a team who are looking at SNOMED in CDT and one of the members knows you extremely well - you worked with him - a large rotund man who always has his shirt hanging out and is away with the fairies – with regards to architectural design. :twisted:
  5. Guess thats GQ?, if so ask him about his glass glock rifle and ask how is sister is doing - she died about a year ago but by mid-afternoon she was up and out of her bed :twisted: :twisted:

    Soz those DTS fairies are getting to me :D First fairey roles out in ten days! DMS Digitization Stage 1 or DMiCP Stage 1??
  7. GP3-Bunny, Ref the fat man with his shirt hangin out and away with the fairies, Im sorry, but I left RAMC ages ago.
  8. But there's still a few about :wink:
  9. Do you mean me slim?
  10. Apparently this Choose and Book is actually going ahead. We, in my workplace, had photos for our security cards taken today, along with a little lecture about how these things are going to work.
    Lecture drones on, lunchtime is ticking away,I glance pointedly at my watch. Adolescent IT trainer asks for any questions. I raise my hand and ask

    "will it work?"

    (Can I help it if I'm a vetern of numerous public sevice procurement fiascos?)

    It is suggested (by said adolescent) that I might be happier with a demonstration in a surgury in which has already been installed. :roll:

    And somehow, all I can think is -"Here we go again".
  11. In theory it should also work in UK MRS's, don't know if it'd used/useful

    Choose and Book
  12. Polar,

    Gary Q says Hi - 31st may C&B 2 out ........ :wink:
  13. You'll never guess what the DMSD is looking at using....

    Wonder if they got the idea from this thread?
  14. I'm confused.

    I don't get the joke Polar; I'm guessing altsheimers or something like that.

    I also don't know what a surgury is MamaSmurf.

    I am grateful for any help offered.
  15. Just have a sit down in a quiet corner and I'll bring you a nice cup of tea.
    One sugar or two? :wink: