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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by blankspace, Dec 24, 2007.

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  1. I am being mobilised very soon and on the call up instructions amongst other things that you need to bring to chillwell are a NHS medical card. Firstly what is it, and where would it be kept i have contacted my GP who dont seem to have it. Is it crucial?
    thanks a lot
  2. Mobilised in the TA i hope you have insurance.
  3. your mum may have it - I think they are issued when you are born and it has a NHS number on it. If you have ever changed GP you would have been asked to provide it to the Health Authority.
  4. no not crucial its for their records only, it is obtainable from your GP if your desperate to have one, however in my 4 times there they have always said "dont worry about it" the only real info they need from it is your NHS number which was allocated to all UK born citizens at birth.

    Enjoy Chilwell, you get the offer of a pay advance you'll need it as you get so bladdered every night.

    PS have a safe tour all the best for 2008 H-S
  5. I've always wondered what it was, bit like why they always ask for passport photo's.
  6. Don't ever bother with the passport photo's it's just a complete waste of 4 quid
  7. Does that imply Chilwell get hold of your NHS medical records? Your GP should be able to provide a summary printout of your records (maybe a cost involved for a couple of key presses). At some surgeries you might be able to do this yourself.
  8. All NHS numbers have changed now, so the ones most of you got when you were born are now obsolete. I had to phone up my G.P to get my new number/card sent out to me. Chilwell is a pain in the arrse, prepare to spend an obscene amount of money in the Tescos, and also look out for student quiz night in the local boozer called The Corn Mill.

    Good luck mate.

    P.S make sure your teeth are all in order or they will bin you like they did to a lad on my mob
  9. When you mean teeth in order how **** are they? I have pretty good teeth however im having two fillings just before i get mobilised.
  10. On Telic 2, the rule was that they would pull but wouldn't fill.

    One lad with us opted to have two teeth pulled. Another opted for deferral.

    It was a bit of an **** rule as fillings could have been done by local dentists within the time frame.

    I, on the other hand, had a mouth full of pus where the hole from a recently-pulled tooth had gone septic. The fang doctor didn't even offer me any anti-biotics. I had to get them from my home dentist during a short pre-tour leave.

    Yes, Puttees was the bloke that reeked of TCP throughout Chilwell and Grantham. :(
  11. ignore the cookhouse - go straight to tescos
  12. WARNING!

    Tesco no longer has a cafe. It's been converted to Starbucks. I didn't think that the PAYD contract conditions extended across the road but apparently.....
  13. This has changed, one of the biggest complaints has been dentistry, I was assured that they will no longer pull a tooth that can otherwise be saved and that a short course of dentistry may be undertaken or you will be deferred. If you are seeing a dentist before you go, I can't see there being a problem.
  14. cheers guys, off in a couple of days so thanks for all the help.