NHS bending me over....

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Bolo-Driller, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I was wondering if anyone had any experience of the shiite I just heard.

    I have applied to become a Special Constable in my local Constabulary and was accepted, just needing my medical forms to be handed in.

    Went to the Doctors today to get it signed off and they said call back tomorrow (no dramas thinks I). Just got a call saying they will sort it for me but there will be a fee (again, no dramas, expected to have to pay a charge).

    BEST PART OF A £100!!!

    Now if I was getting paid to do the job then I would see it as a necessary evil but to have to actually pay through the nose to police my local area is
    a bit naughty, Isnt it?

    Question is, am I getting mugged off by the NHS or is this the usual treatment life long hard working tax payers get for wanting to help out the local area?

    RANT OVER!! :x
  2. Perhaps you didnt tell the doc how special you are
  3. GPs will often charge to perform 'private' medical examinations, although £100 does seem a bit steep.

    Have a word with the constabulary HQ. They may have a Force Doctor or at least a list of 'tame' GPs who they often use. If not, as you are going to be unpaid, ask if the fee will be reimbursed by the Police.
  4. You'll probably have to pay to be CRB checked as well!
  5. Thats life, whether its an HGV/driving licence medical or preemployment
  6. Thats just it, he doesnt need to examine me, just tick 4 boxes and sign it to say im not lying on my forms.

    I work for the Force anyway so have put a friendly email into HR but it states on the form that all fees are to be paid by yours truly - £100 is licking me out a bit though!!!

    I will add this to the list of reasons I hate Gordon Brown (regardless if it is his fault or not!)
  7. Sorry mate but that is the going rate. They say that you will need a half hour slot and they do like to charge. Thats what they have just hit me for.
  8. Does seem a bit off, especially as you don't get paid as a special (please correct me if I am wrong).

    Being as you already work for the force then maybe you could highlight this upstairs. I wonder how many people have sacked it because they have been expecting to pay.
  9. Thats correct Specials do not get paid, if im honest im looking like Ill have to at least put this on hold for a bit as I dont have a buckshee tonne lying around at the moment and I expect these days there are not many people that do. I daresay a fair few would be in the same boat.

    HR say they have spoken to Occupational Health and they say they cant move forward without it signed by a GP as they have no budget for this kind of thing (shock of shocks!)

    Its not that I refuse to acknowledge the docs time by refusing to pay him, but to have to pay just shy of a hundred quid that I dont have right now to do a volunteers role just seems wrong.

    Serves me right for trying to be a good bloke I guess!
  10. Or join the TA and be a Special as well. Unless there is some reason you can't combine both.
  11. Write to Chief Constable saying that you were going to join the specials, buy have decided not to as you can't afford the medical fee. Copy it to your MP, and the local paper.

    See what happens.

    They should be paying it as an expense, I'd have thought. Are they going to charge you the cost of your kit as well?
  12. Such as real life :D
  13. Just left the TA to become a Special, cant combine the both otherwise I would have done so quite happily, the shift pattern I work would give me plenty of time for both commitments.

    Thankfully you get issued all the kit gratis but I was just completey bowled over by the secretary chick saying "oh well other surgeries charge about £130" as if she was doing me a favour!!!

    Its only a signature FFS!!
  14. Pay the fee and then, once qualified, ensure you sting the Doc for a hefty fine. :D
  15. Can you claim it back on tax as a professional fee?