Discussion in 'Aviation' started by nurse, Sep 4, 2004.

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  1. Is NH90 being procured by the lads from Hereford?
    And if so will it also be replacing Lynx in the BLUH role?
  2. Don't think so.... with the latest defence cuts etc...lets hope Im wrong
  3. Some info for you on this thread of acquiring NH90 for the Creden Hill chaps.....
    The current A109s are getting 'surveyed' soon with the (possible) aim of getting rid of them, as their condition leaves a lot to be desired (ancient wiring, mods on mods, - after all 2 of them were nicked off the Argies in 1982!)

    Im sure that the "cottage industry" in Yeovil would be involved in any future SF cab...

    Personally, there's better aircraft out there than those from the West Country Pasty Factory, but UK MOD don't like multi-type fleets, so if they did buy NH90, then they'd fit RTM 322 engines, put some old Lunx blades on it.... f**k it up as usual - you know the story!
  4. So...
    Gazelles from aerospat
    Lynx from westlands
    Pumas from aerospat
    the 109's from Agusta
    Chinooks from Boeing
    Griffin from Bell
    Single and twin squirrels from EC

    Hmmm, more varieties than my hifi stack
  5. The man's got a point!
  6. and I didn't mention the apache or Sea King :D
  7. I heard that plans are afoot to reduce the variety of helo's used by the 3 services. In a nutshell we should end up with just 4 different frames with differing role fits to suit the Arm as necessary.
  8. I take your points, I should have elaborated on the statement: multi-type fleets.

    Most of those older aircraft were bought when cash was no object, but as someone pointed out, the green and grunty end of the helo fleet may just end up as 4 types. My statement related to the unlikelihood of UK MoD buying NH90 when its in the same sales pitch 'bracket' as a Merlin.

    SABR will probably result in another buy of Merlin, if it ever goes ahead. Thats why the replacement for Lynx will be another Lynx.

    You need a big mover (Chinook), medium multi-roler (Merlin HC3 and AEW types), a versatile multirole lightweighter (Lynx) and a deep strike (Apache).

    Ignore all those griffins, squirrels etc...there really just civvi cabs hiding behind a swift respray and a tug onto the Military register, so you can fling them about and not be hindered by the tighter civvy flying regulations.
    To maintain the element of suprise for the Regt lads when they respond to an event by helo, then it will probably be another "Pope-mobile chopper" all civvied and sprayed-up but on the Mil register.
    Hope that clarifies my answer - go and get some Blackhawks (theres loads out here in the desert!) Compromises the element of suprise, but lets the terrorists know you're coming - worked well with the Scout!
  9. What those soft and squashy boys need is a pack of MD 902's
    Quiet on the way in
    Quiet on the way out

    Handysnaks (PAS Marketing Department! :lol: not)
  10. Can anyone spell

    'Open Forum'

  11. Something like this perhaps;

  12. well NH90 is available with same engines as apache/merlin and many common electronic components.
  13. Rotary Pongo, I shouldn't worry too much about security, the house of commons have got their men monitoring the site :mrgreen:
  14. Apparently the boys at Hereford have already sighned the contract for the NH90.

    good news all round.......ditch the weight limits...and lets all have a cab that will be usefull..