NH Industries on the books for SF support

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Raven2008, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. Question is who will be getting it, the crabs or the AAC Sqn that works with them? I know who I think should get them but I also know who will cry if they don't get them.
  2. Got to say though, it does look like a decent airframe but not really up to speed on its capabilities other than what I've read on t'internet and there has been a lot of talk about its introduction over the last couple of years. Does anyone know much about it and how it compares to other aircraft in its bracket ie Blackhawk etc.
  3. The Order book for them means they wont get them this side of 2014/2015. Also it say 10 for £100million, at around £13million? each for the basic model. But the time it is kitted out another £2-3miliion? each they will be lucky to get 5. Also have a read of what the Germanys are saying about them.

    Maybe it would be better to go for the AW 149, which should have a in service date of 2012-2013?

  4. I was going to say that the AW 149 looked more like a commercial aircraft then noticed that Wastelands have developed it from a civilian aircraft, begs the question, are Westlands actually capable of developing a military aircraft from scratch rather than bastardising current AC or just manufacturing AC under licence? I also noticed they claim to have the ability to fit weapons from 7.62mm MG's and 12.7mm cannons up to 81mm rockets :?

    Maybe like most others I have little faith in what Westlands can actually deliver.