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NGO work

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Has anybody come across an NGO called PBI - Peace Brigades International?  I'm interested in applying for a job with them in South America and any opinions on their effectiveness etc would be gratefully received.

On the same topic I'd be interested in any Spanish speaking NGO monitoring work if anyone has any useful contacts.  So far I've spoken to this PBI lot and UN volunteers, but not through any personal contacts.

Mr Happy

Also consider EUMM (tax free income + you get to help people = something for everybody) or those other UN agencies that float around like UN Nuclear energy Blah blah, you probably don't have to be a Phd as they'll need drivers, comms etc too.


Thanks for those.  I've just got back from overseas after a stint with HDC - The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue - and I met the PBI folk there.  A good bunch and more importantly almost all girls.
A good bunch and more importantly almost all girls.
Where do I sign up?

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