NGO food for sex scandal

My contempt for these people has reached new and unheard of levels what type of organisation withholds food from 8 year old children in return for sex then stops me in the street to ask for donations

BBC web site
Please remember the difference between those collecting on the streets and the workers that are demanding the sex for food.

The person on the street will be a person who genuinely cares for the people/cause they are collecting for. The aid worker in country will more than likely be a local anyway. In these countries power is all, and the power to withhold food and get what ever they want including sex is particularly strong. The minority of genuine aid workers are not really in a position to stop this abuse, they have to go with the devil they know.

Reason enough to get soldiers in to control such activities?
YankMarine said:
Kofi Annan is "deeply troubled" by this!
I'm sure he'll sort it right out :roll:
How? By getting his son involved?

This seems to highlight the inability of a supra-national organisation to effectively control discipline of troops and civilian personnel deployed under it's command and authority?

Would it be better if the UN handed over responsibility to a single nation and troops deployed by member states are attached to the command structure of that nation's deployment?
Fair point MSR. As mentioned above, perhaps rather than the UN/League of Nations taking responsibilty for it they should give command and lead on an Op over to a particular country (UK,US, Germany, etc) with the other forces under them coming from other countries.
By the look of it no one MSR!!!

Hate to say it but it looks like in a time of anarchy humans do revert to the lowest common denominator!!!

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