NGO/Charity jobs?

Anyone have much experience with them? I have been thinking for a while it's something I wouldn't mind doing in a few years.

If anyone has any hints, tips or personal experiences they would like to share then that would be great. I was looking at the VSO website earlier and it's all very interesting IMHO.

Hi mate, we sell a lot of kit to NGO's via Intelligent Armour...

from what i understand, there are a lot of ways in and a hell of a lot of NGO's.

If you have a good scoot around google you will find some really good NGO websites that give advice on work and what they look for etc.
Look at Relief Web which has most NGO jobs on and from many agencies, Mine Action Group based in Manchester...However as a placeto start I have to say its Relief web all the way as it will give you all the contact points you will need.
Do your initial trip as a volunteer if you need to as it will let them see you and you see what they are like...after that get paid for it and never do anything for free again!
have a look at this thread.

Dread makes some very pertinent observations even now
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