NFM payment to a non-existant bank account

I was posted from Germany to UK in Feb, and stopped a NFM bank allotment to my German account in Jan at my admin office and closed the account.

However, both Feb and Mar pay statements show the payments to this non-existing account have continued to be payed (to where?) and I am now £700 short, just at a time my first mortgage payment is due!

1. I have checked with my unit admin and they have said that I will have to wait until the money goes into a suspence account before I get it. Is this correct? I would have thought that the German bank (Sparkasse) would have returned the money straight to Glasgow.

2. Is there some way for my unit to action this so that I can get my money relatively quickly, rather than wait 6 weeks as I have been told?


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Your Admin office is right. I changed Banks from Commerzbank to Sparkasse after the 15th of the Month. I was told my money will go to the Commerzbank and then it will get bounced back to Glasgow, held in a suspense account until the computer realises it has another, updated, bank account under my name.

Took about a week to get into my new account.

Hope this helps buddy.


The information you have been given is correct. If you are going to be in financial difficulty though you could get an advance of pay through your unit. This will be held in the unit Suspense Account until you repay it on getting the money back from the Glasgow.


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I don't want to dull a bad day for you but I reckon that with the changeover to JPA happening that 6 weeks could be a very conservative estimate.

I'm sure that you would be in a strong position to get an A/R payment (or whatever they are called these days) to cover the error.

Edited to ad..what DJ said (simultaneous posting)
Thanks for the help guys. I wont hold my breath waiting for my money, but I have assured the wife that her new super strict diet of rice and peas starts now


I don't know if this is just my unit but they are expecting JPA to go Pete and are stocking extra cash!

Go see the pay gremlins (RAOs) and see if they can help out with a cash Tab!
Well, suprise suprise, after being promised that this wouldnt happen again, guess what....3 fcuking months now of having pay go to an account that doesnt exist. Wait 6 weeks Im told, Ive waited over 8 and nothing. Why the fcuk should I wait any longer. Its not my fault and I want my money (over a grand)

Fcuking Glasgow, Fcuking JPA, Fcuking Clerks (sorry, HR)

rant over - off for a cup of tea. Can some one lend me 50p for the machine

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