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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by LukeACF, Aug 30, 2008.

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  1. i noticed there wasn't a thread about this before so i started a fresh one. i thought i'd make thread to discuss games and predict etc etc as its gone down well in other forums.

    i know that us limeys aren't very enthusiastic about the NFL although being a redskins fan I've followed the NFL for a few seasons now

    season starts with the redskins and the giants on the 4th, can't wait for my team to have a crack at the Superbowl champions.

    any other NFL fans on here, there must be somewhere?
  2. Oakland raiders. Shhhh, don't tell any1! does anybody else play the sport or would be interested playing the sport in the south of England feel free to PM me.
  3. well i'm extremely interested in joining sussex thunder, tis sussex lol. trouble with me its a bit of a drive, the other team near me is farnham knights which again is very far off

    if you are looking for a team i could give you informaiton on the nearest team.

    well you live in essex

    Essex Spartans
  4. I'm a fan of the NFL. Support the Giants (and yes i supported them before we won the superbowl)

    Start basic on the 8th September. so going to have to miss a fair few games :(. It'll be work it though!!
  5. i can't wait for the hogs to have a crack at those giants, you'll be able to see that game, its on thursday
  6. Have been an on/off fan of the NFL since back in 1984 or so, when Gary Imlach had that show with the match highlights on Channel 4.

    Never had a particular team - just liked the game in general. Even went to a few of the NFL UK/Europe games when that was stronger - saw the Claymores a few times, including the so-called WorldBowl final. :lol:

    Sort of followed the T. B Buccaneers in the Tony Dungy era (ie:- once they had a decent set of colours, uniform/strip and emblem).

    Then spent 5 years living over in the Seattle area and so naturally got hooked into the Seahawks, whom I guess I still pay more attention to than any others now that I am back UK'side.
  7. I know mate, played against them 4 times in two years playing for Maidstone Pumas. Played with them last season when in Chatham and played this season even though i've been posted to essex.If you are really intersted in playing just ring up the head coach, every team is always on the look out for new players!!
  9. for me its just the travelling, i'd love to play WR or HB. my parents are having a petrol crisis as well :(
  10. Go Pats! Somehow I get the feeling I'm going to be in a minority on here.
  11. keep walking :D

    the pats are actually my second team, i support a team from each conference, my dad was an 80s pats fan so its gone straight to the bloodstream :)

    if i were a major pats fan i would make use of the winning streak while they have it, it won't last long

    Yeah. Happy I'll get the watch the 1st game of the season atleast. Should be an interesting season, no Brett Favre playing for green bay though, Packer or not, guy is a legend!!

    See how he is with the jets then...
  13. it will defiantly be interesting with favre being in a different team. should be interesting to see what will become of the team
  14. i myself am a huge redskins fan, hence the username MrHog.

    tomorrow the season starts, giants v redskins, we all know whose going to win but we hopefully won't do to badly. we beat them last season but alot has gone down hill with injuries and stuff

    can't wait till the game in october at wembley, block no. 135 :)